Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursdays...

Time for Thankful Thursdays again...What am I thankful for you ask?! Well lets see...

1) I am Thankful for Coffee...More specifically Tom N Toms Coffee...its the best and I made a run there this morning...its keeping up for the day.

2) Im thankful that its Thursday and that there is only ONE more day left till another Fun-Filled weekend with my Boo-Boo.

3) I am thankful that I passed CLS (Combat Lifesavers). Yup Yup...I am CLS if you loose a leg and your not near a hospital...I got you! lol

4) I am soooo very thankful that Kason is FINALLY starting to walk some. He took 4 whole steps ALL by himself last Friday at the Dr's office for the FIRST time and now for the past week he keeps taking them and he is even starting to stand on his own.

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