Tuesday, May 1, 2012

34 Days

That's right we have 34 days left in country.I think I'm going to try and make a post everyday up until we leave..."try" being the keyword. Kason and I had a pretty good weekend. Had 2 birthday parties...but saturdays didnt work real well. Kason was super crabby. Sundays party went pretty well tho. :)

That's Kason and the birthday girl Abby. :)

After the birthday party's we spent tons of time cleaning. Well I did...not so much we. Who needs 12 coffee cups??? Apparently I do...well rather I thought I did. I gave those away to my new neighbors who just moved in last week. I remember what it's like to come here and have nothing. I decided everyday I'm going to clean one room of the house up until the movers come on the 22nd of may. I want to make sure we aren't moving with tons of stuff we don't need. Yesterday was the living room/hallways. Today...my room! Well that's about it for today...gotta get back to work...hope you all have a blessed day. <3