Saturday, March 5, 2011

Things I Just Have to Share....

  1. For months I have been saving up my money to get a camcorder so I can record all the amazing things Kason is doing. I had been eyeing 2 of them, one of them was $550 and the other was $600. I finally had enough money to get one of them last weekend mostly from the help of my tax refund. Well I went to the PX to get it last Saturday and was sad to see that they were out of my top pick a JVC and that was the one that was $600 but they had my second choice it was ON SALE...for guess how much...Just guess...if you guessed $190 you were right. lol I had never been more excited I save $360 bucks. It was was the very LAST one to because they wont be getting it anymore. So I have had so much time playing with it and figuring it out and its so much better than taking videos on my camera which only allows me to do a few minutes at a time and it takes up sooo much of the memory card to.
  2. I finally figured out how to upload videos on you tube from here. FOr the longest time I had been having problems and it would constatntly tell me that I cant upload from the region that I am in. So it was really starting to get on my nerves but I soon figured out that all it took was changing a setting on my account....So just wait there will be video of Kason up soon enough.
  3. Ok now let me tell you about the funniest thing Kason has ever done; The other day he was sitting on the floor playing with one of my old cell phones "talking" to someone. Well he kept saying "yea yea yea" and then he looked at the phone put on his "mad" face and started screaming at it. Then he threw it across the room put his hands on his face, let out a BIG "sigh" and fell to the floor with his blanky in hand. Now I have to wonder did he learn this from me? lol He must have been "talking" to someone in the army. But it was to cute and unfortunartly I didnt get to my camcorder fast enough to record it all. :( But its a cute memory I have of him at least.
  4. Today I went to E-Mart with Jennel. If your wondering what E-Mart is its the korean version of walmart. Anyways I was walking around trying to figure out what to get my nieces for their birthdays. My oldest niece had her birthday in November but I was really to broke to get her anything then and my youngest niece is going to be one on the 23rd of this month (YIKES). Anyways I saw all of these American type toys in the store (the only thing that made them korean was the hanguel on the box) But I really wanted to get them Korean stuff and I got sooo excited when I started to see Porro stuff which is a very popular cartoon here and so I got them a DVD in english of their cartoon and Averie (the soon to be 1 year old) a little shopping cart with groceries and the cart has Porro and there is even a little Porro charcter in it. Im just SO excited to be sharing a little bit of Korea with them...I wish I could fly them here to see it for themselves tho.
Well im done for now. I just wanted to share some things that were on my mind to the blogger world. :) I hope you all have a wonder ful Saturday since mine is ending and im going to bed! Night all.

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  1. I would love to give you and your blog an award... just head on over here to pick it up... and copy paste the award to your own blog should you choose to accept just do as I have done above... or something like that :) Congrats to you... but most of all thank-you for your beautiful heartfelt posting, keeping it real, and inspiring me by opening up your hearts and souls here in bloggy land :)