Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Love Being A Mommy

I do I really love it. The kisses, the hugs, watching Kason do something new almost everday. But sometimes its just soooo exhausting doing this ALL ALONE! My schedule is the same EVERY SINGLE DAY! Well at least during the week.

-wake up
-get kason to daycare
-go to pt
-go home and shower
-go to work
-get kason
-get home
-make dinner
-eat dinner
-bath kason
-read a book to him (if I even have the energy)
-then put him in his crib only to scream his lungs out for 20 min till he falls asleep. (his new thing)

This schedule is just getting so old. Im exhausted did I mention im exhausted. Sometimes I just want to cry. I wish I had some help. I hate being so far from my sister and my brother who I know would help me. I wish I had a normal job that didnt care how fast I could run or cared how I handled my money, or a job that I could just quit. The Army is just NOT my style anymore and I cant wait until im out. February 2014 cant come quick enough! Ugh!

1 comment:

  1. Lexi, I am supporting from here in Chicago and give you all the credit in the world. You are an amazing woman raising your son by yourself and a solider. You are a strong woman and I honestly have to say if it were me I would not be able to do all you do!

    Do not ever call yourself a bad parent (facebook status the other day); you only resigned because you wanted to do what was best for your son. Kason is lucky to have you as his mother.

    You are such an inspiration to me and even Chris (who has never met you). You are are a single mother, a student and a solider in a foreign country and your whole goal is for Kason to have the best life possible.

    I miss you Lexi, even though we only saw each other for about an hour while you were in Chicago before you left for Korea and lost contact for a few years. You help me realize that if you can do it anyone can. I am here in Chicago supporting you and cheering you on :)