Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursdays...

Time for Thankful Thursdays again...What am I thankful for you ask?! Well lets see...

1) I am Thankful for Coffee...More specifically Tom N Toms Coffee...its the best and I made a run there this morning...its keeping up for the day.

2) Im thankful that its Thursday and that there is only ONE more day left till another Fun-Filled weekend with my Boo-Boo.

3) I am thankful that I passed CLS (Combat Lifesavers). Yup Yup...I am CLS if you loose a leg and your not near a hospital...I got you! lol

4) I am soooo very thankful that Kason is FINALLY starting to walk some. He took 4 whole steps ALL by himself last Friday at the Dr's office for the FIRST time and now for the past week he keeps taking them and he is even starting to stand on his own.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

"rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances; for this is gods will for you in Jesus Christ."

Every week I am going to try and post 3 things that I am most thankful for during that week hence the name "Thankful Thursdays". So here we go;

1) I am thankful that this week is going by fast. I had been dreading it for a while mostly because I new I was going to the range. But I just have one more day until the weekend with my baby boy. :) And we are also one week closer to being home.

2) I am thankful that I got to meet up with my friend Parker. Its crazy how much we have BOTH changed since we first met nearly 3 years ago so it was nice being able to see her again and catch up.

3) Most of all I am thankful for having such a healthy and perfect baby boy who is here in Korea with me. I dont know what I would do without my lil man. I love waking up and seeing his addorable little face and getting my hug and kiss every morning even when he is annoyed that I woke him up. lol

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Monday...

Thats right I said it! It's Monday and I'm Happy. All smiles on me today. I'm not exactly sure why I'm in such a good mood today. Maybe it means something good will happen or maybe not. Who really knows tho? We are ONE WHOLE DAY CLOSER TO BEING BACK IN THE US OF A tho so that in itself is always good news! Well I better get back to work...just thought I would share some of my good mood to you all! (maybe it will even rub off )  

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Weekend Comes to an End

It's Sunday night and what a crazy week I have had. Kasons been sick since Wednesday and right now is doing so so much better. After several ER visits and 3 days away from the office we finally figured out that Kasons weezing, coughing, even coughing up blood was all due to Bronchitis. Although I dont think we are done. You see we have something in south korea called Yellow Dust. Thats another post in itself tho. But it is NOT good for Children at all. For now tho im not going to think to much about that. He is finally feeling better and thats what matters the most. Our weekend wasnt a complete dud...our apartment complex had a yard sale on saturday morning and I made about 100 bucks selling some baby stuff and things that were just in the way at the house. Today we slept in all morning. I woke up at 1:30 and Kason till 2. This is very very rare. lol But it was nice after the crazy week we had.

This week is going to suck majorly...I'm going to the field on Wednesday and then I have to get some cavities filled on Thursday, and Kason's Dr Apt about his walking on Friday which I am really anxious for because I WANT some answers...I feel like I had constantly been blown off by Dr's when I would bring up my concerns I had abou his motor skills so Im happy that someone is actually addressing it.

Anyways here are some pics from our week/weekend

Trying on Mommy's boots.

Wearing one of my old HS shirts

He beat mommy up!

Thats the LOVE of my Life


Sick baby sitting in the ER waiting to do an X-Ray. :(

This was for Red Friday he still looks miserable tho.

We went Korean for dinner tonight. Bulgogi, Korean dumplings, and Rice.

Well I should probably get to bed...PT in the morning. *ugh* I hope that everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Phew that was close...

So of you may have noticed that my blog was gone for about a week. Gmail found some suspicious activity going on so they deactivated my account. But I finally got it back up and running. Thank God...cause I almost wanted to cry. lol

Anyways heres some updates on our life right now.

This is what a sick Kason looks like. :(

Boo Boo is sick...he has croupe. :( It's really putting up a fight this time around and the steriods they dr prescribe only seem to be working a little bit. He spent all night coughing. Probably didnt help that last night I got a phone call at 1100 to show up for a formation and they told me to bring Kason with even tho I told them he cant go outside per Dr's orders. But did they listen to me? NOPE and now he seems to be worse... Just another reason I cant wait to be done with the army...apparently it's fake mission that im not playing any part in is more important than the health and welfare of my child. >: /

When we went to the dr for the croupe we may have also learned the reason as to why Kason isnt walking yet and it's more than likely not because of laziness. The dr wasnt happy with how he was walking while cruising nor was she happy with how he walked while holding onto my hand (he walks like hes drunk when holding my hand. lol) She was really concerned how when she tried to get him to stand by himself his knees just gave out...I kept telling myself not to worry about it...some babys dont walk till 18 months. No one else at his 12 month apt seem to be concerned neither did the early intervention people. This dr was very concerned tho when she did the knee test on Kason and he had a deleayed reaction and then when she hit right below where his knee musceles *should* be he screamed bloody murder. It was a pretty bad scream. :(  This dr doesnt like his muscele tone or his body build she thinks his knee musceles arent were they should be. But since yesterdays dr apt was focusing on the croupe and that is more important we scheduled another apt for next friday to focus on his walking. She said she is probably going to send us to a specialist where he will have x-rays done and probably start physical therapy. She told me by the looks of it tho...unless we work on this issue now he def wont be walking by 18 months. From the looks of it tho...we may have a very long road ahead of ourselves.

So this coming week is going to be crazy busy...filled with a bunch of dr's apts for Kason and I plus I am going to the range on Wednesday. Im pretty stinking nervouse. I havent touched an M16 in 3 years and I havent qualified with one in almost 4 years when I was in Basic Training. So wish me luck cause this could get interesting....

Well anyways heres come recent pics of K-Man. We got to play outside this past weekend. It was BEAUTIFUL!

He loves the swing


Peek-A-Boo I see you!
Well until next time everyone...have an awesome weekend. (Hey its Thursday...its almost here.)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Love Being A Mommy

I do I really love it. The kisses, the hugs, watching Kason do something new almost everday. But sometimes its just soooo exhausting doing this ALL ALONE! My schedule is the same EVERY SINGLE DAY! Well at least during the week.

-wake up
-get kason to daycare
-go to pt
-go home and shower
-go to work
-get kason
-get home
-make dinner
-eat dinner
-bath kason
-read a book to him (if I even have the energy)
-then put him in his crib only to scream his lungs out for 20 min till he falls asleep. (his new thing)

This schedule is just getting so old. Im exhausted did I mention im exhausted. Sometimes I just want to cry. I wish I had some help. I hate being so far from my sister and my brother who I know would help me. I wish I had a normal job that didnt care how fast I could run or cared how I handled my money, or a job that I could just quit. The Army is just NOT my style anymore and I cant wait until im out. February 2014 cant come quick enough! Ugh!

You might have noticed...

That I changed up the page some. I like this so much better. The owls were starting to get old. lol In case you are wondering about the title our last name is Skibinski so I thought I found it appropriate. Hope it didnt confuse any of you. Its still me...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Just another long Monday...

Dear Monday,

I thought I broke up with you a LONG time ago. I LOVE Friday...NOT you. But you just dont get it, do you? You keep on coming back. You dont make me happy. See...

Love Lexi

Yes this is how I feel today...just kind of BLAH! Hurry up Friday!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Things I Just Have to Share....

  1. For months I have been saving up my money to get a camcorder so I can record all the amazing things Kason is doing. I had been eyeing 2 of them, one of them was $550 and the other was $600. I finally had enough money to get one of them last weekend mostly from the help of my tax refund. Well I went to the PX to get it last Saturday and was sad to see that they were out of my top pick a JVC and that was the one that was $600 but they had my second choice it was ON SALE...for guess how much...Just guess...if you guessed $190 you were right. lol I had never been more excited I save $360 bucks. It was was the very LAST one to because they wont be getting it anymore. So I have had so much time playing with it and figuring it out and its so much better than taking videos on my camera which only allows me to do a few minutes at a time and it takes up sooo much of the memory card to.
  2. I finally figured out how to upload videos on you tube from here. FOr the longest time I had been having problems and it would constatntly tell me that I cant upload from the region that I am in. So it was really starting to get on my nerves but I soon figured out that all it took was changing a setting on my account....So just wait there will be video of Kason up soon enough.
  3. Ok now let me tell you about the funniest thing Kason has ever done; The other day he was sitting on the floor playing with one of my old cell phones "talking" to someone. Well he kept saying "yea yea yea" and then he looked at the phone put on his "mad" face and started screaming at it. Then he threw it across the room put his hands on his face, let out a BIG "sigh" and fell to the floor with his blanky in hand. Now I have to wonder did he learn this from me? lol He must have been "talking" to someone in the army. But it was to cute and unfortunartly I didnt get to my camcorder fast enough to record it all. :( But its a cute memory I have of him at least.
  4. Today I went to E-Mart with Jennel. If your wondering what E-Mart is its the korean version of walmart. Anyways I was walking around trying to figure out what to get my nieces for their birthdays. My oldest niece had her birthday in November but I was really to broke to get her anything then and my youngest niece is going to be one on the 23rd of this month (YIKES). Anyways I saw all of these American type toys in the store (the only thing that made them korean was the hanguel on the box) But I really wanted to get them Korean stuff and I got sooo excited when I started to see Porro stuff which is a very popular cartoon here and so I got them a DVD in english of their cartoon and Averie (the soon to be 1 year old) a little shopping cart with groceries and the cart has Porro and there is even a little Porro charcter in it. Im just SO excited to be sharing a little bit of Korea with them...I wish I could fly them here to see it for themselves tho.
Well im done for now. I just wanted to share some things that were on my mind to the blogger world. :) I hope you all have a wonder ful Saturday since mine is ending and im going to bed! Night all.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What gets me thru my week...

So what gets me thru Monday-Friday without loosing my mind?

  1. A hot White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks with my blueberry muffin every Monday Morning.
  2. Having millions of pictures hanging all over my desk of Kason
  3. Getting mail...esspecially mail from people who send us stuff just out of kindness and because they "support our troops" in fact the Hershey Company sent me a whole case of Pay Day candy bars the other day along with a letter just to show their support and it made me feel good. 
  4. Friends...the few I have here that I know I can go to. 
  5. Kasons laughs...and he laughs at EVERYTHING! 
  6. Thursdays...because when Thursday gets here I know my weekend is almost here.
  7. The smile on Kasons face when I get him from day care...
  8. Good Co-Workers...IDK what I would do without some of the awesome people I work with...esspeccially my KATUSA's.
  9. Kason does...he is my reason for everything I do...I know that when I go to work im doing it so I can cloth him and feed him and just plain spoil him sometimes. 
  10. Facebook. lol What would I do without being able to facebook people when I dont have anything better to do all day
  11. Making plans for the that the weather is getting warmer (well kind of) Kason and I will be spending a lot more time in the fresh air. (Well as fresh as it is in Seoul. lol
Theres other things but I wont share those right now...I'll save those for another boring day. lol  

PS heres some updated pics of my growing little man...

Isn't he the cutest little boy ever?

He enjoys eating his feet. lol Oh and check out the addorable diaper. :)

The last thing you ever want to do is take that blanket from him...he will hurt you. lol

...and mommy and her baby.

Hope you Enjoyed them. :)

Taking A Dive!

Since I came to Korea about 8 months ago I have honestly had the most difficult time making friends. Which is odd for me. I usually make them easily. So the past few weeks I have reflected as to the reasons why...are you ready?! Its kind of long! Here we go...

1) Im 22 years old. What are people doing that are in their early 20's?
  1. Drinking and partying. OR
  2. Married with a family/engaged/dating with a family. OR
  3. They are single with no Children and no spouse.
I do not fall under any of those catagories. Do I drink, yea on occasion. Am I married/engaged/dating or ever have been? Nope. Am I single with NO children. Of course NOT, you all know about Kason...the love of my life. This is difference number 1. 

2) I am a Single Soldier with a Child NOT a soldier's spouse. 

I live in Army housing not the barracks. Army housing is filled with soldiers who obvisouly work and spouses were most of them dont work. Army spouses confide in each other...they have a different realtionship with each other than the female soldier who wants to become their friend. Is it possible to be friends with an army spouse? Of course it is. But it is a very different friendship that causes you to be left out of things a lot due to the fact that you work. You also do not know that special bond that military wives have with each other. 

3) Due to number 2 as I said I do not live in the barracks.

Which is odd for me...the barracks is how I made my friends at Ft. meet other single soldiers and you form a friendship. I made friends so quick by participating in the BOSS program. Well thats something that I cant really do here. BOSS is GREAT, so much fun! But the problem is that BOSS is full of partiers something that I am no longer. I had my days of waking up and not remembering what happened the night before, I have already had my all night long dates with my face in the toliet. Did I like it then? Yes. Do I reflect upon those days often? Of course, they are some of my best memories. Do I want to go back those days? Nope, I need to be a good example for my baby boy...I dont want him to make the same choices I did. I am content with my putting my partying days behind me. Not to mention that fact that BOSS holds nothing that is appropriate for children and if they do its nothing Kason and do. My time with my baby is already limited due to work, so I refuse to give up more time with him on the weekends...I treasure my Kason/Mommy time with all my heart.  

(NOTE: "BOSS" stands for Better Opportunites For Single Soldiers)

I guess this is it. Well these are just the reasons why I find making friends in Korea so hard. Upon further reflection of my many other reasons as to "What makes me different" I find that they hold no meaning to my more so vent about my loneliness since coming to Korea.   

So....what am I going to do about all of this???

Well I cant change anything about me or my situation...nor do I really want to. So I have decided to find a Church and maybe a bible study and go there. I think im finally ready to step foot in one again...odd for a Chaplain Assistant to say I know...but when your waking up at the crack of dawn every sunday morning to work a service with a bunch of obnoxious IET soldiers it makes church a lot less enjoyable. Not to mention the late Wednesday nights I worked for over 2 years with a bunch of annoying soldiers...and then on top of that all fighting with your Chaplain to get just a little bit of comp time for it.

Anyways back to the subject...

I think Church is something that God is actually calling me back to do...I struggeled with my faith for a little while and this will of course help me find it again and at the same time hopefully help me find some people that I have some similiarties to. Now as you all know I live in S. Korea...where the language is completely different, so im sure you can all imagine just how difficult it is to find a church that is in English, NOT military related (because military churches are more so for married is true as with most other civillian churches I have found) plus has everything im looking for...Something with a Young Adult atmosphere. It was difficult...but not as hard as I thought...someone on FB told me about a church called Jubilee Seoul Church it kind of just fell into my lap I was getting frusterated to. It seems to be from the website and their facebook everything that I am looking for. Kason and I will be going this Sunday for the first time and I couldnt be MORE excited about it! I hope that it IS EVERYTHING that I am looking for and I hope that Kason and I get accepted their with open arms. They even have a daycare for during service so maybe Kason can make some new friends to. I think this will all be very beneficial for Kason as well...and all tho I dont want to shove religion down his throat I want him to at least get to know God...the person who gave me strength to become what I am today and was always there when I had a HUGE hurdle to jump in life even when I was mad or didnt believe he even exsisted. I plan to allow Kason to make his own descion later on in life but I want it to be an educated descion.

So heres to my NEW Journey on making friends, becoming a 'better' follower to christ, and becoming a better example to my most prescious gift. Wish me luck everyone...cause I'm taking a Dive. :)