Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Fun Weekend

I had another super fun weekend with my Boo Boo. We went to this Kid place called Tiovivos. It was a ton of fun and pretty easy to find. Well until you got to the elevator. Let me tell you about our 40 minute Elevator Trip. We got to the building where Tiovivos is located and of course in its in high rise building (no shocker there) and its on the 6th floor. Well this building was def not lacking elevators but it was lacking working elevators. There are 12 main floors and I believe 8 Basement Floors Which is parking. They have designated Elevators for the basement and designated elevators for the main floors. By each button there was a sign that said which elevator goes to what floor Ok sounds easy enough right?! Just push the button that will take you to the 6th floor. So Wrong...I would push the ^ button and it wouldnt light I just stand there for a few minutes and wait to see if maybe the light is just broke and the elevator is still coming and it doesnt so Im like ok and move onto another elevator...I notice one of the basement elevators goes up to the 2nd floor so I get in that one and head up to the second floor. I figure once I get there I can switch to another elevator to take me to the second floor, right?! Wrong again! I get in the 2nd elevator Push 6th floor and theres a bunch of Koreans with me who are going to the 10th floor. I didnt notice but the 6th floor button didnt light up so up we go to the 10th floor with these very fancy dressed Koreans with us. As soon as that elevator opens there we are in the middle of a Wedding Reception set up. Ok talk about awkward...cause everyone is staring at us. So I keep pushing 6th floor and it wouldnt take us there...instead the elevator goes up completely on its own to the 12th know whats on the 12th floor?! A WEDDING! Yes Kason and I pretty much walked into a wedding (thankfully it hadnt really started). So I keep trying to go down and the stupid thing wouldnt let me instead it automatically went down to the 9th floor. Thankfully nothing was going on there so I got out there and went straight to another elevator hoping that it would take us to the 6th floor. And Again I was soooo wrong the stupid thing wouldnt we ended up in one of the parking garages cause even when I pushed 1st floor it skipped it. UGH! I was so aggravated at this point...when someone else got in that SAME exact elevator with us and pushed 1...guess what it went to 1! So we got out and then I waited a few minutes got in another elevator and it finally took us to the 6th floor. Now im thinking that maybe these elevators are shut off to certain floors at certain times because by the time we got to Tiovios it had just opened. Still doesnt take away the fact that I was getting beyond aggravated lol.

Ok so anyways back to talking about Tiovivos. Its a pretty big Childrens Place with a Infant/Toddler area and then a wall dividing the section for the bigger kids that also had comupters. It had a nice little snack bar and right behind that there was a room for Roll Playing with a bunch of cute dress up clothes. We mostly stayed in the infant/toddler section and Kason was a wild child...there was what I call a "pool" of soft plush giant legos...and they had a little side you can go on and land in them. It was Kasons Favorite part of the whole thing. After spending 2 hours there we headed home and just hung out in the house and had a relaxing evening.
Having Fun

Being a little to short to reach this doesnt stop Kason man.
The Legos...his favorite Part

Little man playing with blocks.

Infant/Toddler Section

This is the Role Playing area

On sunday nothing else to exciting happened we hung went to the commisary and got some grocerys and then Kasons Best Friend Davicito came over to play that night while his mommy and daddy had a little date night. All in all it was a pretty good weekend. Next week we have some bigger plans tho and I am very excited they also consist of checking out the Cherry Blossoms...the best part of Spring!
Kason and Davicito Being silly.
(Please excuse the poor quality these 2 were taken on my phone. :)

Mickey Mouse distracted them.

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