Saturday, April 28, 2012

Running Out Of Time

We are down to 37 days till we leave Korea. It's becoming such a bittersweet feeling. I am so glad Kason and I had the opportunity to live in this country for 2 years, regardless of how much I've complained about it. I have made it my goal to make the BEST of our time left here. To soak up as much of this culture as possible, take a million and one pictures, and ensure that our last days are nothing but positive memories.

Let's start with yesterday. all the chapel staff went to a baseball game for the SK Wyvers. It was Kasons first MLB game and he had a great time. SK was on a loosing streak but they won last night so it was a great game to be at. :) But instead of talking about it, I'll let the pictures do all the talking. :)

Thats Chaplain Hawkins and I.

Myself, Lee, Shin, DK, and SFC Forbes.

Me, Tyndal aka T-Pizzle, and Lee (yes another Lee)

Yay boo boo's first baseball game!

chaplain Hawkins was making faces at Kason it was cute!

DK, boo boo, and me.

Kim, me, sohn, and lee

DK and I are pretty awesome.

Me with Lee x2. Lol

Hope that wasn't to much of a picture overload. Lol I really did have such a great time last night with everyone. We traveled to incheon to munhok stadium.

The final to do list before leaving:

-spend at least one night in a Korean hotel-
-make another visit to Seoul tower-
-go to Everland and Seoul land-
-go to the DMZ-
-make another trip to the zoo-

Theres definitely more tantrum I want to do but these are all the must do's. Once im able to check these off my list I'll add more. :) anyways it's getting late on Saturday and we have a birthday party tmwr morning. See you in 37 days America.