Thursday, September 2, 2010

Typhoon Kompasu

Well Kason and I have made it through our very first Typhoon. Although Kason didnt even know it was happening. He stayed sleeping the whole time. I however got woken up by a tree banging on my window. It was made to seem bad than what it really was. At least from what I can tell. Hannam Village (my apt complex) got beat up some...trees fell part of a  class roof came flying off, fences around the renovated buildings collapased. Thankfully no major power lines got messed up. On Yongsan though they got beat up pretty bad. Electricity is out all over the place...power lines are down, trees everywhere. It looks horrible. We lost electricty at the apartment for a few hours but it wasnt to bad. They got it back on fairley quickly.
Because of the typhoon yesterday they said everyone will have today off so I had lots of time to with my little man and the best part I have tmwr off to. Because of all the power outages the CDC (daycare) is closed. I guess the Retreat Center got beat up pretty bad to so they are spending all day outside trying to fix it. I did attempt to find a babysitter and couldnt find anyone. So I guess Chaplain said he would rather me not come in then have Kason sit out in the sun all day. I do kind of feel bad, I feel like I should be helping out...but not much I can do about it without a sitter and I dont want Kason out in the sun all day either. Oh well...I guess I have another 4 day with my little man.

                                         Now the question is what to do this weekend???

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  1. Sorry about the bad weather, but don't you just love when good things come out of bad...I love it