Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sick and Miserable

Ugh so for the last week Kason and I have just been absolutly miserable...well him not until recently. But last Tuesday I started to get this horrible soar throat, fever, and had a toliet seat implanted in my face since I couldnt keep ANYTHING down (including water). Went to the dr on wednesday and they said "oh its just a virus give it a few days to run its course" and they gave me an IV because I was so dehydrated. Well here we are Sunday night and I can eat but my throat feels so swollen that it hurts to...I have this awful cough that refuses to go away and I am having difficulty breathing. But I can almost gurantee if I go to the dr that they wont do anything which just sucks. Now on to Kason...well Friday he was feeling kind of warm, slight fever but went down with motrin. He also started to cough a lot nothing abnormal about it sounded like a regualr cough. Well today its a horse cough...sounds awful he is so congested that I am scared having him sleep and I check on him like every 2 hours like clock work...which results in me not getting good sleep. :/ This just sucks. So please I ask fellow blog followers send prayers our way for better's so frusterating not having anyone close by to help.My house is a freaking mess and I have no energy to clean. Heck even just writing this is draining me. Oh and please say a prayer that we can both get dr apts in the morning since they are close to immposible here. Thanks so much.

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