Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm still blogging. :)

Just not from Korea anymore. We are finally in...

Sooo come follow us on our new journey in our new blog Kore to Kansas...Marching Down the Camouflage Road

I will post all about our Kansas life fact I've already started!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

34 Days

That's right we have 34 days left in country.I think I'm going to try and make a post everyday up until we leave..."try" being the keyword. Kason and I had a pretty good weekend. Had 2 birthday parties...but saturdays didnt work real well. Kason was super crabby. Sundays party went pretty well tho. :)

That's Kason and the birthday girl Abby. :)

After the birthday party's we spent tons of time cleaning. Well I did...not so much we. Who needs 12 coffee cups??? Apparently I do...well rather I thought I did. I gave those away to my new neighbors who just moved in last week. I remember what it's like to come here and have nothing. I decided everyday I'm going to clean one room of the house up until the movers come on the 22nd of may. I want to make sure we aren't moving with tons of stuff we don't need. Yesterday was the living room/hallways. room! Well that's about it for today...gotta get back to work...hope you all have a blessed day. <3

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Running Out Of Time

We are down to 37 days till we leave Korea. It's becoming such a bittersweet feeling. I am so glad Kason and I had the opportunity to live in this country for 2 years, regardless of how much I've complained about it. I have made it my goal to make the BEST of our time left here. To soak up as much of this culture as possible, take a million and one pictures, and ensure that our last days are nothing but positive memories.

Let's start with yesterday. all the chapel staff went to a baseball game for the SK Wyvers. It was Kasons first MLB game and he had a great time. SK was on a loosing streak but they won last night so it was a great game to be at. :) But instead of talking about it, I'll let the pictures do all the talking. :)

Thats Chaplain Hawkins and I.

Myself, Lee, Shin, DK, and SFC Forbes.

Me, Tyndal aka T-Pizzle, and Lee (yes another Lee)

Yay boo boo's first baseball game!

chaplain Hawkins was making faces at Kason it was cute!

DK, boo boo, and me.

Kim, me, sohn, and lee

DK and I are pretty awesome.

Me with Lee x2. Lol

Hope that wasn't to much of a picture overload. Lol I really did have such a great time last night with everyone. We traveled to incheon to munhok stadium.

The final to do list before leaving:

-spend at least one night in a Korean hotel-
-make another visit to Seoul tower-
-go to Everland and Seoul land-
-go to the DMZ-
-make another trip to the zoo-

Theres definitely more tantrum I want to do but these are all the must do's. Once im able to check these off my list I'll add more. :) anyways it's getting late on Saturday and we have a birthday party tmwr morning. See you in 37 days America.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Good start for a Monday...

Today has been turning out to be a pretty awesome day. I had the day off since I worked Sunday so I spent the morning with Kason....just hanging out in the house. Then I took him to daycare because I go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and work out with a trainer. So I head out to the gym do my pre work out work out of a 2 mile run on the treadmill and then go for my weekly weigh in since I\'m part of the biggest loser competition we are having on post. Last Wednesday I got weighed and I was 168.8 and today I was 167.4. Just a little over a pound.... Im so proud of myself. I know I\'m obviously doing something right. I would have loved for that number to be lower but I\'m one pound closer to my goal.

My trainer introduced a new workout plan for us today...let me tell you it\'s a workout! But I love it because I feel myself getting stronger and I know I\'ve improved tons since the first day I started with him in February. I\'ve been feeling better than ever too. Much more energized and I enjoy going out and playing with Kason way more not to say I didn\'t enjoy it before but I used to get worn out much quicker. I\'m actually able to keep up with him better....although I\'m not sure I\'ll ever have the energy that a 2 year old does...he\'s Ike the energizer bunny....he keeps going and going and going.

Hopefully the rest of my Monday and week will continue to just be fabulous. I only have about 9.5 more working weeks then 10 days of clearing and then we are out of here in 72 days! I\'m extremely excited to be getting out if Korea and having a clean slate someplace new and only being about 8 hours away from home. June is literally just right around the corner I\'m gonna be a busy busy momma these next upcoming weeks.

Well I hope everyone else has a great Monday and an awesome week!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

90 day challenge...

Yesterday I joined the body by vi 90 day challenge. It\'s the number one weight loss challenge out there and it promises big results in just 90 days.

Hopefully my kit gets here by Wednesday next week I can\'t wait to actually start it. I\'ve heard great things about it. I have really been struggling with my weight ever since Kason was born. The army says I have to weight 147 (without being taped) and I currently weigh 168. I have so many times gotten down to 165 and my body just stops losing the weight hopefully body by vi helps me get over that hurdle that\'s been haunting me over 2 years. If you want to know more about the challenge checkout my website There\'s a video that tells you all about it. Here\'s to hoping I can loose this "baby fat" before i get to kansas. I\'ll be sure to keep everyone posted on my progress. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Camera Fun

Last weekend I bought a new camera from a Co-Working a Nikon D80 with 2 different lesons for $400. In totally for everything I got it is normally 1200. So I got it all for a steal. Which is perfect because I desperatly want to get into photography. I just never really had the right camera. Or even the funds for one...even $400 was pushing it but I couldnt pass up this amazing deal. I have all the right equipment now to practice and get good and then just go straight into doing my own business. :D Its definetly exciting. I spent the weekend just taking picture with it on auto but soon I'll be branching out. I thought I would share with you the begining pictures of my photography journey.

This is our high rise in Hannam Village. We live on the 1st floor...its 15 storys.

A diaper cake I made for a friend for her diaper shower she had Saturday.

My favorite part of the whole diaper Cake. :)

I am Just so in LOVE with how clear these pictures are. I love my new camera. :) 


This weekend I got in contact with my new unit in Ft. Riley. I found out that I will actually not be going to the 1st aviation like I had thought and that I WONT be deploying. I am going to the Ft. Riley Garrison Chaplains Office. UGH another Garrison...but YAY no deployment. It was truelly an answered prayer for me. I have been scared to death about deploying and leaving Kason for any amount of time and now thats one less thing to worry about! Life is good at the moment...except im stressing about money right now...I hope that God helps sees us through this move and doesnt let the Government mess with my money and take 6 months to fix it like they do to a lot of soldiers PCSing from Overseas. But we will see. We have 85 more days until we are back on US soil and I can NOT wait to be back home.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Its been a while...

I fell off of the blogosphere for a while. Well I'm back with much to talk about. Its been a crazy couple of months...between work and Kason and trying to just keep up with everyday life. I had a few hiccups in this Army life of mine and I almost made the choice to leave the Army. But in the end I decided to stay in...give the Army a 3rd shot at another duty station. Korea itself is an AMAZING country with lots of history behind it and I like it here...however being a soldier in this country is a whole different story. I HATE it. I HATE my unit and almost everyone in it...its been an extremely tough (almost) 2 years. I think God's the only reason I still have my sanity. I truelly hope that my next unit doesnt oporate like they do here.

"My next duty station" "My next unit" I keep saying those 2 things are any of your minds curious to know where Chapter 3 of this Army life is?! Well...heres a hint...

Do you recognize those Ruby slippers??? If you tap them 3 times where do they bring you???

If you guessed KANSAS...your absolutly correct! Kason and I are moving to Fort Riley Kansas in ecstattic, can you tell...

Im going to an aviation unit. BAD NEWS tho...they are on the deployment list and I will more than likely be going to Afghanistan in October or November...GOOD NEWS...It will only be a 9-10 month deployment. It's a bitter sweet feeling to me...when I first joined I wanted so badly to deploy and do something for this country but at the same time I have Kason now and I dont want to be apart from him for any amount of time...he is my heart and my entire world and I know that it will be an extremely hard 9-10 months without him. But I'm trying to stay positive. It will be good for me and a story to tell my grandkids one day.

Other than all that I just dont know what else to say about our lives over the last 5 much has happend. The holidays where pretty good. Spent them all with my friend Kim's family. Went out for New Years for the first time in a couple years. My birthday was a blast and I got to celebrate it with some new friends and a friend that I made back in Basic Training. Kasons Birthday was a bunch of awesomeness too. We had a small celebration with his Aunski in September when she came to visit, his party in October because lots of his friends where leaving korea in November, and then a celebration with mommy on his actual birthday...the celebrating went on for 3 months. He got lots of new toys and goodies! Gosh I just dont know what else to now I think Ill let the pictures do the talking...hope you enjoy. :)

Seoul Lantern Festival November 2011

Kason's Birthday Cake

It was a costume party. Kason was a dragon...and I dressed up like Lady Gaga

This was our First Christmas Tree.

Opening Mommys presents on the night of christmas eve. .

Santa's Presents Christmas Morning.

Santa Got him a Kitchen for Christmas.

First picture of 2012

My Birthday...Asant'e and Jen in the back and Tara and I in the front.

Im 23 baby!

Love these girls

Basic Training battles.

Well I hope you all enjoyed catching up some to our lives...hope there wasnt too much picture over load. :) Stay tuned my friends...I'll try and stay on top of the blog more and keep your eyes out for the next blog I'll be making for our Journey in Kansas.

Much Love  Lexi and Kason <3