Friday, September 16, 2011

Just some fun pics of Kason and his friend Miley. :)

We went the Yongsan Family Park a few week ago and had tons and tons of fun!  
Corn on the Cob on a stick. :)

Mileys all like "eww get that out my face."

I love that smile. He had just gone down the slide all by himself. :)

Kason and Miley Dancing.


Dragon Falls. So relaxing.

I know know I have been missing for almost 2 months. Its been crazy...lots of stuff going on at work and everything. But I am going on a 3 day tour next week to Hyundai Heavy Motors Industry I am super stoked about that. Kason wont be joining me tho. I will make sure to have a post all about my tour tho....eventually.

Oh and one last thing AUNTSKI CHRISSY IS COMING FOR A VISIT IN 10 DAYS!!!!! Its been almost a year since her last visit. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Crazy Month

Yes that is what July has been...just plain old crazy! The month started off with me getting surgery...yes thats right I got surgery...wanna guess what for? Well I got a a Breast Reduction. Something I have wanted for a LONG time. By the time I was in middle school I was already wearing a C cup and by the time High School hit I was technically a D but I made them squeeze into a C. Then Kason was concieved and born and my saggy D's turned into saggy DD. Causing me LOTS of back pain, neck pain, nasty rashes and the list goes on and on. I decided that it was time to get this surgery was really affecting my physical fitness and I have been struggeling for over a year to pass a PT test. So I did it...the process of getting it approved was short but aggravating as is everything in the Army. I had my initial apt about back in April. Well anyways I am now happily a 36/38 B! I dont think I have ever seen my boobs this small. But life is already a lot easier. :) The surgery went was very long because I was well basically a "guinea pig" for the professor and his students! I didnt find this out till AFTER the fact (yea in america that could almost be a lawsuit...but not in korea) but im fine...the students were all residents...they are just going into the Plastic Surgery Field and they were all great with me. After the surgery tho I did struggle with a fever it kept coming and going and when it would come it was way up there. So I was in the hospital for exactly a week. It was extremely hard being away from Kason but he was with some good friends, which made the seperation a little easier.

This is just a few days after surgery

Well I came home from surgery and then had a 2 full weeks of con leave. I used that time to catch up on some stuff around the house and just enjoy life with Kason. Hung out with some friends, did some shopping, and went to a bunch of Dr's apts since they still want to see me once a week to watch the scars, it was good to be out of the uniform for even just a little while. :)

I came back to work this past Friday (the 22nd). Now I didnt mention this before but right before I left for my surgery I was actually moved to a different section. Im no longer fulfilling my chaplain assistant duties. Right now I am doing Admin type stuff and most likely will be doing this until I leave Korea. My job is simple...well not really. I am in housing I put soldiers in Barracks and make sure that there names are in the "system" which is kind of a mess right now. Our unit is currently in the process of taking over ALL of the barracks that are on Yongsan...and thats ALOT, so its kind of a headache. But im enjoying it, I for the most part stay busy so I cant makes the day go by faster.

In other news...Kason is still doing weekly Physical Therapy, well it did get put on hold during my surgery but he will start back up again tmwr actually. But he is really doing great...its amazing how fast he picks up on things. He is even learning a bit of Korean. He's a smart kid and I love him oodles. We took a trip to the Aquarium a few weeks ago and it was awesome...he LOVED the fish. We have had many aquarium trips but none like this...he was never very alert during the other trips.

Well I suppose this is all I have for now. Maybe the month hasnt been so crazy...but it still really feels like it. LOL

Oh and hey I cut my hair. You Like?! :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I need a Favor from my Fellow Followers...

I have entered myself into a Glamour Photo Contest with Close To Home Photography the winner gets a FREE Glamour Photo Shoot including getting your makeup done. :) I really want to win if you could please;

Go to Close to Home Photography Facebook page and "like" the actual page and then once you do that go to the Glamour Contest Album and "Like" my photo. It's the 3rd one in the Album and I'm wearing a black dress.

Thats all you have to do...the person with the most "Likes" wins so if you dont mind passing it around for me to that would be great.

Thanks so much my blog readers...PS I promise another Korea Blog is coming up soon.

Monday, June 13, 2011

So its been a few weeks...

Since my last post. So much has happened since then. Well actually maybe not to much. lol But I do have some AWESOME news as far as Kason's newly diagnosised muscele disease. We are FINALLY in Physical Therapy. He had his first apt last Thursday but that was more of an inital apt with the head of the PT department. She explained to me all of the evaluations and what not he would have to go through before the actual PT begins. So saturday morning we took a trip to the hospital to start some of the evaluations. I was immpressed to learn that my child understands Korean pretty well and some of the "babbles" I thought he was saying is in fact Korean. Apparently if he were a Korean Child his speech would be right were it needs to be at his age. I guess I need to learn Korean in order to communicate with him. LOL But anyways back to the Physical therapy. Tmwr morning (Tuesday) we have a few more evaluations to do and then Thursday afternoon we meet with the head Physical Therapist again to talk about how the evaluations went and to come up with a treatment plan for him. So all in all everything is really starting to fall into place.

In other news...I was able to pass my PT test this morning (Physical Fitness Test) first time in a while that I have been able to pass one and I am pretty stinking proud of myself. Also in about 17 days I will be getting my breast reduction surgery. I am beyond excited for this and cant wait to be able to fit in "normal" clothes. :)

Some even more exciting news: 2 years ago I met this boy. He was stationed at Ft. Bragg and I was at Jackson. We hung out a lot and had an instant connection. Well I had just found out I was pregnant with Kason shortly after we met. Although he was fine with it...I had so much going on in my life at that time that I just wasnt ok with anything. So I pushed him away and we didnt talk again...until recently. He found me on facebook several months back. We started talking again. Discovered that the "instant connection" we had then was still there. We decided to try and give this relationship a go again. The difference tho? He's in Iraq right now and I of course am in Korea. Im in a very different place in my life right now than I was back then, I still have my insecurities. But theres just something about Blake that makes me feel like everything will be fine and work out. I am trully starting to think we were meant to be. We met in such a odd way (thats another post for another day) and we went so long without talking...but those feelings are still there and stronger than they were I think. I feel like my heart is almost complete. The plan right now is that we are going to try and sync our leave together in October so we can see each other. Otherwise we wont until at least May next year. But I think if we can make it through this first year apart like we are we can make it through anything. He is trully an amazing person and I cant wait for my family and friends to meet him. :)

Well I think this is all I have for now. Now that the weather is nicer there will hopefully be more exploring and some more interesting updates. Lots of Love to all!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

That is what my sweet baby precious baby boy has. Thankfully he only has type 3 which means that he will only be delayed in motor skills and growth spurts between now and his teenage years may be more painful for him. When I asked the dr what causes SMA she told me that in MOST cases it is genetic...but she didnt believe that to be the case for Kason. When they did the blood test he was only considered "borderline" she believes that his was caused by Stress during pregnancy. She said it's extremely rare for that to happen new studies are coming out that it is a possible cause of SMA. When I told her how much stress I had while pregnant she seemed even more confident that that was the case. Just in case she pulled some blood from me to see if I have any signs of it.

I feel so soon as I got a diagnosis for him I just felt like a ton of brick hit me. I was ok before I knew what it was. Then lets add insult to injury the entire reason I was stressed during my pregnancy was because of my so called "parents" who took advantage of my emotions a sad, scared, soon to be single mother, who emotions were already crazy enough from pregnancy. They ripped me to shreds...said things to me NO child should ever have to hear from their parents. They are HURT my baby. They hurt him while they were emotionally abusing me. I am hurt, sad, confused but most of all angery! Beyond angery. Not just with them tho...but with myself I should have cut them loose at the first sign of trouble. I should have just walked away...but because of my selfish desire to have good normal parents I didnt. I kept trying to make things work...even tho I was thrown insult after insult. I sent my final email to them yesterday. I told them that they will NEVER see me again NOR will they ever meet MY SON. I just cant deal with them's one thing to hurt me...but then to hurt my baby to! UNACCEPTABLE...UNFORGIVABLE!

I am strong we can make it through this, I know that for a fact! But I HATE knowing that my baby is ALWAYS going to have a disease that could have been easily avoided. A disease that made him delayed in his motor skills a disease that may cause him pain while having a growth spur. I hate seeing him in pain! I wish I could just take it away and let him be a normal happy toddler! I wish I could turn back time and tell my parents to get lost sooner than when I did. But I cant...and it sucks! I just wish so badly that I had someone here with me...going thru all of this with me...someone to cry with me or at least give me their shoulder so I could cry on them. But I going through this alone. :(

I love this little boy with every piece of me...we will make it through this we (well I) just need lots of prayers.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My sweet boy is 18 months

My oh my how it has flown by. I love this little boy with my entire heart. Only 6 more months till this precious little guy is 2.

All the above Photos where taken by Amanda Lowe Feasler Photography.

And these photos were take by Close to Home Photography

Yes Im totally addicted to getting pictures take of him. But that little face loves the camera! He is the greatest baby I could have ever asked for. <3

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

If its not one thing Its another...

UGH! Kason has been struggeling with this Awful diaper rash for a little over a month now. I thought nothing of it when it first appeared...hey it was just a diaper rash, right?! Wrong Oh so Wrong...after applying every diaper rash cream out there and giving him oatmeals baths even we ended up having to go to the ER 2 weeks ago because it got to the point where my poor baby boy couldnt even sit on his bottom. :( We got some ointment and its gotten better but its not gone, it REFUSES to go. We had our one millioneth Dr's apt today got some antibiotics and we are going to be carefully watching it for 10 days and if its still not better off to dermatology we go!

Tomorow we get to travel to Samsung Hospital because I have previously mentioned Kason has been delayed with his motor skills. Well he had some blood tests and we learned that he has Weak Musceles. So that explains A LOT. Its nothing im overly concerened about now that I know the reason he has been delayed...mommy gut was telling me something was up though and im glad I got a Dr to listen to it. He is walking all over the place...the one thing he cant do is squat or just sit in the middle of the room and stand...he has to actually crawl to something and pull up...not normal for a nearly 18 month old. So hopefully the Neuoroligist can help...apparently the Dr we are seeing is one of the best in Korea, so I feel somewhat realived...I just hate traveling around to off post hospitals...thank god for Taxi's and I surely hope this hospital isnt all that confusing. 

In other news...

Im getting Surgery July 1st. What am I getting you may ask? I am getting a breast reduction/lift. Something I have wanted since I got boobs. I honestly dont remember ever having "small" boobs. I remember waking up one day and having a HUGE chest. lol But not only were they huge they sagged...I was made fun of in middle/high school because of it. It was always hard to find bra's that fit me right and would support me, I spent most of the time in Sports Bras which really limit what you can wear. They got smaller after all of my Army Training but they sagged a lot more. For as long as I can remember I have had back pain and neck pain...but I just kinda sucked it up and moved on....I honestly didnt know till about a year ago that a big chest could cause those problems. Sure I had some friends who were so jealous of my big "ladies" but truth be told I would almost rather have NO chest than to have the one I have....I have always been so self consious because of it...and then after Kason they got even BIGGER. So anyways I met with the plastic surgeon yesterday for my consult and we booked the actual surgery date. I have never had surgery before so I am nervous but Im super anxious to see the results...I decided to go down to a B cup that way whenever I do have more babies if they get bigger again I can deal with a C better or even (maybe) a D. Im so excited that when I was at the PX the other day I saw a really cute Bra that of course even if they had them in E or DD wouldnt support me so I decided to buy it as my FIRST after surgery/healing Bra to wear. lol

Now the only thing that sucks about this whole this is Korean Hospitals (which is were I will be getting the surgery, not on base) seem to like to keep people in the hospital just because. SO even tho this would be a same day surgery anywhere else here they want to keep in for 10 days! The only reason I can think of for them keeping me that long is because I am an American and they charge an extra 2.5% on everything and they know that Im not paying a dime for it...the Army is. I would hate to see what the bill looks like when TRICARE gets it. lol 13,000,000 Won (around 13,000) bucks JUST for the surgery...not including the 10 day hospital stay. And this is a Pretty fancy Hospital to. I hope that I have a quick and fast recovery tho and can convince them to let me leave sooner than 10 days. IDK if I can be away from my baby for that the 4th of July...I cant miss the fireworks! lol

Well I suppose this is all the updates I have for now. Until then...enjoy these super cute pics of my boo boo that we had done on Saturday. More to come at a later date. :)

Yes he is pouting but isnt that the cutest pout ever!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

17 Months 6 Days 4 hours and 35 minutes....

Thats how long it has been since I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy in the world. I have such a hard time comprehending that sometimes. There are days when it feels like I just had him yesterday and then there are days when it feels like it has been so much longer. So much has happened in the last 17 months and just in the last 2 years I know I have changed a lot. But all for the better I think. My dream is to be able to give my baby boy the world...everything I ever wanted and never got PLUS some. I grew up feeling very unloved and feeling very unwanted and I never want Kason to feel that way and I think im doing a pretty good job at it. He knows he is loved. Today after I got him home from daycare I put him on my lap and said "Kason I love you" Just like I do everyday and he looked at me with the biggest smile on his face and said "Love you" and he pointed to my face and then gave me a kiss. It was very shocking cause he doesnt know how to say very many words. So I never thought he would be saying "love you" before something as simple as "ball" but regardless it felt amazing to hear it from him and he had me in tears. Those 2 words has just given me even more strength to continue on with the Army and all the BS involved. Im NOT just doing this for ME anymore Im doing it for US...well Mostly its for KASON. Well enough of my rambling...heres some pics from the last 17 months 6 days 4 hours and 35 minutes....

Maybe a little bit of a picture overload but I mean come on...he's so stinking cute! <3

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I climbed a Mountain.

Yup I surely did...well hiked actually but it really didnt feel any different. lol I found myself at many times grabing onto trees and rocks and whatever else I could to help pull me up at certain spots that were real steep. It was completely exhausting but fun. I have never hiked a mountain before...well I take that back I did ruck march up to seoul tower but that was on a paved road. haha Anyways I think it took about 2 hours or so to go up and back down actually probaly 2 1/2-3 hours but I wasnt really keeping track. lol There was about 30 of us who did the hike up to the top but I was in the back group...we were all moving slow. haha Im just super bummed that it was so foggy out because the view would have been even more amazing than what it alread was. I got a few pics that Im gonna share but you can really see to much. Either way im proud of myself for making it as far as I did...but boy am I freaking sore.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boo Boo is walking. :)

My Boo Boo was walking like crazy today when I picked him up from daycare. I appoligize for it being sideways I wasnt even really thinking about that when I was recording. =)

Thankful Thursdays...

It's that day of the week again! Here is what im Thankful for. :)

  1. Have I mentioned how thankful I am for Kason? Seriously...this little kid really nows how to make me feel a million times better when I am feeling down. He is such a little miracle and IDK how I got so blessed to be his mommy. Out of ALL the other parents in the world God Choose to give ME Kason, how can I not be thankful for this.

    He took 20 whole steps all by himself this morning...yesterday he took about 15. He is doing more and more and I couldnt be prouder...thats what I am MOST thankful for this week. I dont have to worry about him anymore. :) 
  2. I am thankful that this week is ALMOST over...just have one more day to get thru. Then the weekend is all ours! 
  3. I am so incredibly thankful for my friend Jennel who watches Kason for me on Wednesday so that I can have a mommy break. It means so much to me. Even tho I love my boo-boo to death I know i need a break every once in a while. :) Yesterday I got in a nice little work out...      

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Fun Weekend

I had another super fun weekend with my Boo Boo. We went to this Kid place called Tiovivos. It was a ton of fun and pretty easy to find. Well until you got to the elevator. Let me tell you about our 40 minute Elevator Trip. We got to the building where Tiovivos is located and of course in its in high rise building (no shocker there) and its on the 6th floor. Well this building was def not lacking elevators but it was lacking working elevators. There are 12 main floors and I believe 8 Basement Floors Which is parking. They have designated Elevators for the basement and designated elevators for the main floors. By each button there was a sign that said which elevator goes to what floor Ok sounds easy enough right?! Just push the button that will take you to the 6th floor. So Wrong...I would push the ^ button and it wouldnt light I just stand there for a few minutes and wait to see if maybe the light is just broke and the elevator is still coming and it doesnt so Im like ok and move onto another elevator...I notice one of the basement elevators goes up to the 2nd floor so I get in that one and head up to the second floor. I figure once I get there I can switch to another elevator to take me to the second floor, right?! Wrong again! I get in the 2nd elevator Push 6th floor and theres a bunch of Koreans with me who are going to the 10th floor. I didnt notice but the 6th floor button didnt light up so up we go to the 10th floor with these very fancy dressed Koreans with us. As soon as that elevator opens there we are in the middle of a Wedding Reception set up. Ok talk about awkward...cause everyone is staring at us. So I keep pushing 6th floor and it wouldnt take us there...instead the elevator goes up completely on its own to the 12th know whats on the 12th floor?! A WEDDING! Yes Kason and I pretty much walked into a wedding (thankfully it hadnt really started). So I keep trying to go down and the stupid thing wouldnt let me instead it automatically went down to the 9th floor. Thankfully nothing was going on there so I got out there and went straight to another elevator hoping that it would take us to the 6th floor. And Again I was soooo wrong the stupid thing wouldnt we ended up in one of the parking garages cause even when I pushed 1st floor it skipped it. UGH! I was so aggravated at this point...when someone else got in that SAME exact elevator with us and pushed 1...guess what it went to 1! So we got out and then I waited a few minutes got in another elevator and it finally took us to the 6th floor. Now im thinking that maybe these elevators are shut off to certain floors at certain times because by the time we got to Tiovios it had just opened. Still doesnt take away the fact that I was getting beyond aggravated lol.

Ok so anyways back to talking about Tiovivos. Its a pretty big Childrens Place with a Infant/Toddler area and then a wall dividing the section for the bigger kids that also had comupters. It had a nice little snack bar and right behind that there was a room for Roll Playing with a bunch of cute dress up clothes. We mostly stayed in the infant/toddler section and Kason was a wild child...there was what I call a "pool" of soft plush giant legos...and they had a little side you can go on and land in them. It was Kasons Favorite part of the whole thing. After spending 2 hours there we headed home and just hung out in the house and had a relaxing evening.
Having Fun

Being a little to short to reach this doesnt stop Kason man.
The Legos...his favorite Part

Little man playing with blocks.

Infant/Toddler Section

This is the Role Playing area

On sunday nothing else to exciting happened we hung went to the commisary and got some grocerys and then Kasons Best Friend Davicito came over to play that night while his mommy and daddy had a little date night. All in all it was a pretty good weekend. Next week we have some bigger plans tho and I am very excited they also consist of checking out the Cherry Blossoms...the best part of Spring!
Kason and Davicito Being silly.
(Please excuse the poor quality these 2 were taken on my phone. :)

Mickey Mouse distracted them.