Monday, December 20, 2010

The drama of the 2 Korea's

Well I'm going to be honest here. Living in S. Korea has been becoming more and more difficult everyday. I feel like im living on Pins and Needles. Scared to death at times and I'm really not overexaggerating. Had I know that living in a divided country would be so hard I never would have come here. Why do I say all this? Well if you have been paying attention to the news you should know that there has been a LOT of tension between the North and the South. Last month on November 23rd an Island in S. Korea was attacked. Killing 2 Korean marines and 2 Civillians. This put us on the HIGHEST alert since 1953 when the war ended. We had our battle rattle ready in case of war. This attack broke the armistice agreement. We have still been on high alert and conducting basic military drills in case some shit happens. Last week S. Korea announced that they will be conducting a Live Fire Military Exercise on the island that was attacked last month. Which is about 7 miles from N. Korea. The reason N. Korea has an issue with it is because they believe the waters surrounding this island belong to them which is not true. Well anyways N. Korea said they would retalite. There were several meetings with Russia, the US, China, and of course the 2 Koreas. Everyone tried to tell the South to refrain from conducting this exercise. Well the south didnt listen and this afternoon they started. It only lasted about an hour and a half. But everyone I know has been in fear all day. We have HUNDREDS of military families here and the thought of Nuclear Bombs flying into Seoul is just terrifying. Im scared to death because if something happens I have to just hand Kason to someone and entrust them to get him back to the states for me. BUT I have such a difficult time picturing myself doing that. I dont think I could stay here and be a soldier while wondering everyday where my most prized jewel is? Where is my heart? Did he make it to the states? Did something happen to the person I entrusted him with? It's scary. Lately I have been having Nightmares about never seeing him again and it scares me to death. I am so jumpy lately to...I feel like I need to be on the watch for bombs flying into my home every loud noise that I hear scares me...the first thing I think is I need to go get Kason from daycare, something is happen. But then I realize that it was just a heavy box being dropped, or thunder, or the obnoxious heater thats in our DFAC going on. Everyone says not to worry, but its so hard. This is a war waiting to happen. Thankfully tho N. Korea recently announced that they will not be retaliting, I still have a hard time believing it. But all I can do at this point is Pray. Pray for my safety but MOST importantly pray for Kason's. 

But now I am going to do my best to enjoy Christmas which is coming up quick. We have half days this week and no work Thur and Fri. I have so much time to spend with my baby. Im so thankful that I am going to be able to spend it with the greatest little boy ever. Well theres lots of updating I need to do about the little man. But thats another post. 

Please keep South Korea in your prayers because I really believe we need as many as we can get.  


  1. I'm thinking of you Lexie and praying that you and Kason are safe!