Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stick my Feet in a Pool of Flesh Eating Fish? Check.

That is Right I stuck my feet in a pool full of fish so they could eat them...well actually just the dead skin cells on them. Will I ever do that again? Nope, I sure as hell wont. lol

I went with my friend Jennell to this little cafe called "Rest with book and Coffee" and yes that was honestly the name of it. lol We took the subway there and for the first time since we have been in Korea this was a baby FREE trip. :) I love Kason but I needed a little mommy time with a girlfriend. Anyways we took the subway to another city called Gangnam it was surpringsly pretty easy to find. The cafe was amazing like a step-up from a starbucks. You cant really just run in and crab coffee and go. Well I got my Cafe Mocha which was delicous and Jennell got some juice along with the most amazing Honey Cinnamon bun ever made...words cant even describe how good it was and this picture really doesnt do it much justice.
Well after we enjoyed our coffee and pastrie we went and stuck our feet in the fish. It was very interesting to say the least...

Koreans explaining in English how to use the Fish. lol
Later that same night Jennell and I decided to do some midnight shopping out in Dongdameun...I think I spelled that right. Dongdameun is huge shopping market mostly all in doors. Stupid me didnt take any pics of it really, but I promise I will be going out again and there will be more pics. But anyways the entire shopping adventure ended up to be a search to find the PERFECT outfits for Kason and I to wear for our pictures on Sunday. Which we did and I am so excited to see how they turn out. For the first time we are really foing to be matching for the most part. While we were on the hunt tho I found the cutest section full of boys toddler pants I was in Heaven...and had Jennell not been with me I probably would have wasted so much money on getting kason pants...I will surely be going back there again.

The selection was sooo much bigger than this. There were aisles and aisles filled with pants.
These were the pants I got Kason. It was love at first site.  
Well thats all for next update will hopefully be filled with the super cute pics of Kason and I.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dalki's Kids Cafe

If there is one thing that I have learned in the almost 8 months that I have been living in Korea (wow has it really been 8 months?!) is that this is a very random country. You find the weirdest things that you would never see back in the states. Like what you may ask...well let me introduce you to Turd Man. At least thats what im calling him. lol If you are sitting there asking yourself if this picture that I posted is really a statue of a guy with a giant turd on his head, snot dripping down his nose and he's holding a roll of toliet paper?! You would be absoultly correct. If you were thinking to your self maybe thats really chocolate on his head, your wrong. lol His name is Dongchimee. Dongchimme is a pretty much a guy who is obsessed with making poop sculptures. I plan to do some more research on this guy because he is apparently a pretty popular Korean character along with Dalki who I dont know to much about just yet. But I see this character everywhere and I even have my own Dalki purse that I got a few months back which I absolutly love. Anyways, obvisouly Kason and I went to this place where turd man lives and the place is called Dalki's Cafe for Kids. Yes so while you are enjoying your meal you get to look giant sculptures of poop everywhere. We did not eat there tho since they didnt have a menu in english and I refuse to eat something that I cant even tell what it is by looking at a picture. But regardless Kason had a blast and my friend Billie came with us along with her 2 kids Christopher and Kylie. Although this place is slightly distrubing its still pretty funny and I think this will be a place that we come back to often. It was extrememly cheap. Just 5,000W for me and Kason was FREE! I def LOVE that word. lol Well here are some pics of Dalki's Cafe:

Christopher, Kylie, and Kason
Ever wonder how to make a poop sculpture? Well learn how to read Honguel and Dongchmmee will give you step by step instructions.
Part of the Giant poo swirl...topped off with a fly.
...and here is the body. lol
Kason was having a blast in the ball pit.

Cant you tell?! haha
I always knew that the 1988 Olympics where held here in the heart of Seoul and that they even built an airport specifically for them it to. But for some reason in the 8 months I have been here I have never had a desire to go to the stadium. Well actually it was just something that never crossed my mind. I dont know what the heck I was thinking. I mean really, how many people actually get to go to an Olympic Stadium? Ok probably millions...but how many people from Naperville have actually gotten to go to one aside from the infamous Neuqua Valley Grad/Olympic Ice Skater Evan Lysacek and his family. Not very many and I personally know theres a handful of people who would love to go to one. So I still ask myself...what took me so long to go to Olympic Grand Park?! I was just absolutly amazed by it. Walking in the front gate under the arch with the 5 circles and seeing the torch that is always lit up and seeing the bridge with a giant torch on it to. Then getting in and seeing right away the Skate Rink that so many talented people skated on just  years ago. This really opened up my eyes to realize that Kason and I are living in a country with sooo much history. Why have I spent the last 8 months complaining about it? I should be enjoying it more...taking a million more pictures, making more memories, ones that will last a life time, giving Kason stories to tell when he gets older. I mean really, when he starts kindergarten how many of those kids are actually going to be able to say they lived in another country?! I have made a promise to myself from today on that Kason and I will be seeing more of what this country has to offer experienceing more of its history and we are going to STOP spending our entire weekends in the house. Well this is the end of my blogging for tonight. Im getting sleepy but I will leave you with some final picture of 1988 Olympics Stadium.

Well these are the only 2 pics that the blogger is letting me post right now. But the top one is Seoul Olympic Park Bridge and the 2nd one is the Skate rink. Not the best but it will have to do for now. Hopefully in the next few weeks Kason and I will be coming back to check out the Olympic Museum since we didnt see to much else of the park except for the very front. I know theres tons more to do and see but that will be a later blog.

Stay safe my friends and all of you in Chicago hope you staying warm. :)