Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I been a bad blogger

Well the last month or so I have seemed to fail at blogging. So much else has been going on that I just havent had the time. Kason has been struggeling with the ear infections yet again. Still trying to get tubes in his ears but here in Korea, that can be a huge pain. He also has a horrible skin rash all over him and IDK what that is from but he is going to be seeing a dermatoligist here in a week or so. I have done everything trying to get rid of it...including switching laundry detergent. Then to top it off he is teething BIG time, 7 teeth are fighting to make their way in his tiny little mouth I can see them poking thru. This includes his molars. My poor baby. But I guess its good that he gets it out of the way at once.

For a few months now I had been extremely worried about Kasons gross motar skills. It took him a while how to figure out sitting on his own and even know im still a nervous reck when he does cause he still falls back at times. It doesnt help my nerves either that we have concrete floors, which I dont understand who puts concrete floors in a apt in which children are more than likely going to live in. But anyways...he isnt standing up on his own, pulling up on his own or doing anything that most 11 month olds would be doing by now.  Mommy gut has told me something but everyone else has said he was just taking his time learning...which could very well be it, he could just be lazy but I still had him evaluated last week and was told that he was def behind in his gross motor skille learning and he is way below average. So he will be evaluated again within the next week or two by a physical therapist which could lead to him getting physical therapy once a week. Which im not upset about, it actually calms my mommy gut some.

Well there is not to much else going on in our lives. Kasons Auntski Chrissy will be here in a little less than a month with her friend Alex and I am super stoked to see her. I miss my sister. She will be here only 2 days before Kasons first birthday. :)

Well I gotta run, got a dr's apt to go to. But I promise I will get better at this blogging thing. I love to write and keep everyone informed of our life. :)

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