Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Weekend Comes to an End

It's Sunday night and what a crazy week I have had. Kasons been sick since Wednesday and right now is doing so so much better. After several ER visits and 3 days away from the office we finally figured out that Kasons weezing, coughing, even coughing up blood was all due to Bronchitis. Although I dont think we are done. You see we have something in south korea called Yellow Dust. Thats another post in itself tho. But it is NOT good for Children at all. For now tho im not going to think to much about that. He is finally feeling better and thats what matters the most. Our weekend wasnt a complete dud...our apartment complex had a yard sale on saturday morning and I made about 100 bucks selling some baby stuff and things that were just in the way at the house. Today we slept in all morning. I woke up at 1:30 and Kason till 2. This is very very rare. lol But it was nice after the crazy week we had.

This week is going to suck majorly...I'm going to the field on Wednesday and then I have to get some cavities filled on Thursday, and Kason's Dr Apt about his walking on Friday which I am really anxious for because I WANT some answers...I feel like I had constantly been blown off by Dr's when I would bring up my concerns I had abou his motor skills so Im happy that someone is actually addressing it.

Anyways here are some pics from our week/weekend

Trying on Mommy's boots.

Wearing one of my old HS shirts

He beat mommy up!

Thats the LOVE of my Life


Sick baby sitting in the ER waiting to do an X-Ray. :(

This was for Red Friday he still looks miserable tho.

We went Korean for dinner tonight. Bulgogi, Korean dumplings, and Rice.

Well I should probably get to bed...PT in the morning. *ugh* I hope that everyone has a wonderful Sunday!

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