All About Mommy

My name is Alexis but I go by Lexi. I am a single mom, soldier, and a student. My childhood was spent growing up in a city not to far out of Chicago. Were my family still lives I have 3 sibblings total and 2 addorable little Nieces.

I joined the Army after completeling High School in June 2007. I went thru all of my training at Fort Jackson which is located in South Carolina. After all of my training I got stationed there as my first assignment. So I spent nearly 3 years there. I made some wonderful friends and have some good memories. South Carolina is also the state where I met my sons father and were he was later born in November '09.

In May '10 my son Kason and I left the comforts of the South and America and moved all the way to S. Korea. Of course we spent some time in lovely Illinois first. We landed in Incheon International Airport on 10 June 10. We have been through a lot and it was a hard adjusment on myself as a soldier. I am working on trying to better myself not just for me but for Kason as well.

I started this blog as a means to keep the loved ones I left in America up to date on all thats going on with Kason and I and to share our exciting adventure with them all. But it has also turned out to be very theraputic for me when I am down and stressed. I trully hope that you all enjoy reading all this just as much as I enjoy writing it. :)

Peace out and much Love

***Kasons Mommy***