Thursday, March 17, 2011

Phew that was close...

So of you may have noticed that my blog was gone for about a week. Gmail found some suspicious activity going on so they deactivated my account. But I finally got it back up and running. Thank God...cause I almost wanted to cry. lol

Anyways heres some updates on our life right now.

This is what a sick Kason looks like. :(

Boo Boo is sick...he has croupe. :( It's really putting up a fight this time around and the steriods they dr prescribe only seem to be working a little bit. He spent all night coughing. Probably didnt help that last night I got a phone call at 1100 to show up for a formation and they told me to bring Kason with even tho I told them he cant go outside per Dr's orders. But did they listen to me? NOPE and now he seems to be worse... Just another reason I cant wait to be done with the army...apparently it's fake mission that im not playing any part in is more important than the health and welfare of my child. >: /

When we went to the dr for the croupe we may have also learned the reason as to why Kason isnt walking yet and it's more than likely not because of laziness. The dr wasnt happy with how he was walking while cruising nor was she happy with how he walked while holding onto my hand (he walks like hes drunk when holding my hand. lol) She was really concerned how when she tried to get him to stand by himself his knees just gave out...I kept telling myself not to worry about it...some babys dont walk till 18 months. No one else at his 12 month apt seem to be concerned neither did the early intervention people. This dr was very concerned tho when she did the knee test on Kason and he had a deleayed reaction and then when she hit right below where his knee musceles *should* be he screamed bloody murder. It was a pretty bad scream. :(  This dr doesnt like his muscele tone or his body build she thinks his knee musceles arent were they should be. But since yesterdays dr apt was focusing on the croupe and that is more important we scheduled another apt for next friday to focus on his walking. She said she is probably going to send us to a specialist where he will have x-rays done and probably start physical therapy. She told me by the looks of it tho...unless we work on this issue now he def wont be walking by 18 months. From the looks of it tho...we may have a very long road ahead of ourselves.

So this coming week is going to be crazy busy...filled with a bunch of dr's apts for Kason and I plus I am going to the range on Wednesday. Im pretty stinking nervouse. I havent touched an M16 in 3 years and I havent qualified with one in almost 4 years when I was in Basic Training. So wish me luck cause this could get interesting....

Well anyways heres come recent pics of K-Man. We got to play outside this past weekend. It was BEAUTIFUL!

He loves the swing


Peek-A-Boo I see you!
Well until next time everyone...have an awesome weekend. (Hey its Thursday...its almost here.)

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