Sunday, August 29, 2010

Much Needed Updates on Kason

Well I havent done much updateing on Kason so here we go.

Well for starters a few weeks ago Kason started the Army Crawl. He's not crawling on his hands and knees quit yet and he has'nt figured up how to get on them either. He is however starting to work on pulling himself up...I just dont think he realizes how much upper bidy strength he really does have. He is one strong baby. But if I stand him up he is usually pretty good about staying that way for at least a couple seconds.

He is starting to eat more and more table food by the day. He loves it and totally prefers it over the baby foods. His favorites so far are Mac and Cheese and he sure did tear up those spaghetti'os today. :) I have realized over the past few weeks that he has'nt really been all that interested in his formula. So I have started to give him a bottle with half formula and half whole milk and he LOVES it.

He is starting to talk more and more by the day. Like today all he wanted to do was talk. When I was making his spaghetti'os I kept on saying "Uh'oh spaghetti'os" and then the rest of the night he said "uh'oh". It was to funny. He does the same thing when he watches Elmo's will hear him say "la la la" a lot and its pretty entertaing.

It's so hard to believe that he is 9 and 1/2 months old...he is growing up so quick. But I am so proud of him...everyday it seems as if he is doing something new. Almost everyday my heart grows double in size for him. I am surprised it just has'nt exploded yet.  

Horrifying Saturday

Yesterday (saturday) morning I got a phone call from my friend April, she needed me to watch her 3 kids because she had to go to the hospital (she is 9 months preg). Well when Kason and I got there I hadnt changed him or anything yet because I wanted to be there ASAP for April and I figured I could change him at her house which is right next door. Well I layed him on the floor for 2 seconds to get a diaper out of the diaper bag and then all of a sudden I hear Kason crying and gasping for air. He was choking on a Quarter. I freaked well more like froze. Everything I learned about situations like this went out the window...I was terrified and I called April (who was still home) and she got the coin out for me. She sent me upstairs in her apt builing to get her friend Tyra who was able to help calm down Kasons breathing because I was so freaked.

I felt like a horrible mother because I had forgotten everything I had learned to handle a situation like this. I kept thinking to myself what if I had been alone, would Kason still be here? Seeing my baby boys face turn purple is NOT something I ever want to see again and I spent all of last night thanking GOD for him still being here with me. Yesterday he was pretty crabby all day after but today you cant even tell that yesterday I was close to loosing him.

To say the least I triple check teh floor to make sure it is clear of anything chokeable.

Heres to having another day with my precious baby boy!

Monday, August 23, 2010

You never Know what Tomorow Holds

Just a few years ago if you were to ask me what the most important thing I will be doing when I am 21 is. Well never in a million years would have told you that I am writing my Will. Thats write I went and talked to an attorney briefly today and talked about it. I been saying over and over again "Im going to get this done" and I been saying it since Kason was born...and I have finally made the first step. Well technically the 2nd because I already filled out the "worksheet" they gave me once before. Its true though you never know what tmwr will hold and esspecially being in a divided country that is still technically at war. I have to ensure the safety of Kason and make sure that he goes into Loving Hands and I also have to make sure that he gets everything he deserves. As I was talking to the attorney I realized even more how important having one really is.

Well heres to get my Will taken care of but praying that I have many many more years to come and am able to watch Kason grow and become the best man out there.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mommyhood, Soldierhood, and Studenthood.

Phew life right now is not easy and 2 years ago never in a million years would I expect my life to be like this. Dont get me wrong I currently love it and I know at the end of the day its completely worth it. I started going back to school 2 weeks ago. Taking classes with the University of Phoenix. I dont like the school but I have already taken several classes with them and they dont transfer so I am staying with them until I can get my associates. After that I hope to Switch to Liberty University or Heck maybe even U of I. Just not sure yet. I am a little bit less than half way through getting my associates Yippee! My plan is to have my bachlors before I leave Korea but no later than when I the Army which right now is Feb 2014. I want to be able to use my GI Bill for my masters. Or I might just have that transffered over to Kason. But we will conquer that bridge when we come to it. But how in the world am I handling Mommyhood, Soldierhood, and school??? I dont even know! Days are starting to become blurs. I dont now where they go anymore. I wake and get ready, get Kason ready, Take him to Daycare, go to work where sometimes I can get homework done, pick up Kason, go home, feed him, bathe him, cook dinner, play with him, put him to bed, if I have any homework to do I do that, go to bed, and then wake up the next morning to do it all over again. Its nonstop moving around! But regardless I of the craziness of LOVE my life...Kason makes my life worth living. As much as I hate school and I am annoyed with it I know that in the end its whats best for both of us. I want to be able to provide Kason a great life once I get out of the Army and school is the only way to go. Kason only deserves the best and I plan to give it to him.

The Official 9 month Picture!

Owl Face

I am sure that Kason's Auntski will be super excited when she sees this background. I found this really neat blog on here that makes blog backgrounds. I have been wanting to make this blog look super cute so when I found this I decided to browse and see what they had to offer and of course as soon as I see the Owls I automatically think of Chrissy...and I know had she seen this she would demand I make this my background.

When Kason was younger he used to make the most addorable face. He would squeeze his lips together and stick them out. When his Auntski saw him do it she thought of an Owl. So we started calling it his "Owl Face". Unfortuantly he doesnt make that face anymore which does sadden her but that doesnt stop her from buying this kid Everything Owl. I think she is than one who is obbesssed with Owls even though she likes to say its him. :)

Monday, August 2, 2010


Sorry about how messy my page trying to find the perfect layout and its taking sometime. lol It's not easy being that I am so picky about what I like.

But anyways it has been a few weeks since I wrote. Not a lot has happened since I am still to nervous about venturing off in a foreign country just Kason and I but we have done a few things. Like this past weekend we met up with April and her husband and kiddos and ventured down to Osan...mostly just cause they have a Chili's on base and we have all been dying for a good american resturant. lol So to say the least that was delicious. Kason seemed to love having some good american mashed potatoes too...that seems to be one of his favorite foods.

Yesterday we went back to the palace that I talked about before and had our pictures taken again. I know I know this kid has so many pictures that we could make "Kason wallpaper" right now and to think he isnt even 9 months yet. haha But the photoshoot was so much fun the palace was of course beautiful and the weather was great to. The picture up top was just one of the many that we had taken...she put a few up on her facebook fan page. But I am so excited for October to get here cause then we will be doing his one pictures out in the Royal Tombs most likely which is suppose to be another beautiful area.

Well thats all my exciting news for now. Maybe this weekend Kason and I will go out and do something. Not sure what quite yet...maybe some shopping in one of the many markets that surround us here.
Heres to hoping Kason (Rupert) and I can find something exciting to do this weekend.

I suppose I can maybe include Officer How How to.