Saturday, March 3, 2012

Its been a while...

I fell off of the blogosphere for a while. Well I'm back with much to talk about. Its been a crazy couple of months...between work and Kason and trying to just keep up with everyday life. I had a few hiccups in this Army life of mine and I almost made the choice to leave the Army. But in the end I decided to stay in...give the Army a 3rd shot at another duty station. Korea itself is an AMAZING country with lots of history behind it and I like it here...however being a soldier in this country is a whole different story. I HATE it. I HATE my unit and almost everyone in it...its been an extremely tough (almost) 2 years. I think God's the only reason I still have my sanity. I truelly hope that my next unit doesnt oporate like they do here.

"My next duty station" "My next unit" I keep saying those 2 things are any of your minds curious to know where Chapter 3 of this Army life is?! Well...heres a hint...

Do you recognize those Ruby slippers??? If you tap them 3 times where do they bring you???

If you guessed KANSAS...your absolutly correct! Kason and I are moving to Fort Riley Kansas in ecstattic, can you tell...

Im going to an aviation unit. BAD NEWS tho...they are on the deployment list and I will more than likely be going to Afghanistan in October or November...GOOD NEWS...It will only be a 9-10 month deployment. It's a bitter sweet feeling to me...when I first joined I wanted so badly to deploy and do something for this country but at the same time I have Kason now and I dont want to be apart from him for any amount of time...he is my heart and my entire world and I know that it will be an extremely hard 9-10 months without him. But I'm trying to stay positive. It will be good for me and a story to tell my grandkids one day.

Other than all that I just dont know what else to say about our lives over the last 5 much has happend. The holidays where pretty good. Spent them all with my friend Kim's family. Went out for New Years for the first time in a couple years. My birthday was a blast and I got to celebrate it with some new friends and a friend that I made back in Basic Training. Kasons Birthday was a bunch of awesomeness too. We had a small celebration with his Aunski in September when she came to visit, his party in October because lots of his friends where leaving korea in November, and then a celebration with mommy on his actual birthday...the celebrating went on for 3 months. He got lots of new toys and goodies! Gosh I just dont know what else to now I think Ill let the pictures do the talking...hope you enjoy. :)

Seoul Lantern Festival November 2011

Kason's Birthday Cake

It was a costume party. Kason was a dragon...and I dressed up like Lady Gaga

This was our First Christmas Tree.

Opening Mommys presents on the night of christmas eve. .

Santa's Presents Christmas Morning.

Santa Got him a Kitchen for Christmas.

First picture of 2012

My Birthday...Asant'e and Jen in the back and Tara and I in the front.

Im 23 baby!

Love these girls

Basic Training battles.

Well I hope you all enjoyed catching up some to our lives...hope there wasnt too much picture over load. :) Stay tuned my friends...I'll try and stay on top of the blog more and keep your eyes out for the next blog I'll be making for our Journey in Kansas.

Much Love  Lexi and Kason <3

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