Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This weekend I got in contact with my new unit in Ft. Riley. I found out that I will actually not be going to the 1st aviation like I had thought and that I WONT be deploying. I am going to the Ft. Riley Garrison Chaplains Office. UGH another Garrison...but YAY no deployment. It was truelly an answered prayer for me. I have been scared to death about deploying and leaving Kason for any amount of time and now thats one less thing to worry about! Life is good at the moment...except im stressing about money right now...I hope that God helps sees us through this move and doesnt let the Government mess with my money and take 6 months to fix it like they do to a lot of soldiers PCSing from Overseas. But we will see. We have 85 more days until we are back on US soil and I can NOT wait to be back home.

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