Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Camera Fun

Last weekend I bought a new camera from a Co-Working a Nikon D80 with 2 different lesons for $400. In totally for everything I got it is normally 1200. So I got it all for a steal. Which is perfect because I desperatly want to get into photography. I just never really had the right camera. Or even the funds for one...even $400 was pushing it but I couldnt pass up this amazing deal. I have all the right equipment now to practice and get good and then just go straight into doing my own business. :D Its definetly exciting. I spent the weekend just taking picture with it on auto but soon I'll be branching out. I thought I would share with you the begining pictures of my photography journey.

This is our high rise in Hannam Village. We live on the 1st floor...its 15 storys.

A diaper cake I made for a friend for her diaper shower she had Saturday.

My favorite part of the whole diaper Cake. :)

I am Just so in LOVE with how clear these pictures are. I love my new camera. :) 

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