Monday, March 26, 2012

Good start for a Monday...

Today has been turning out to be a pretty awesome day. I had the day off since I worked Sunday so I spent the morning with Kason....just hanging out in the house. Then I took him to daycare because I go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and work out with a trainer. So I head out to the gym do my pre work out work out of a 2 mile run on the treadmill and then go for my weekly weigh in since I\'m part of the biggest loser competition we are having on post. Last Wednesday I got weighed and I was 168.8 and today I was 167.4. Just a little over a pound.... Im so proud of myself. I know I\'m obviously doing something right. I would have loved for that number to be lower but I\'m one pound closer to my goal.

My trainer introduced a new workout plan for us today...let me tell you it\'s a workout! But I love it because I feel myself getting stronger and I know I\'ve improved tons since the first day I started with him in February. I\'ve been feeling better than ever too. Much more energized and I enjoy going out and playing with Kason way more not to say I didn\'t enjoy it before but I used to get worn out much quicker. I\'m actually able to keep up with him better....although I\'m not sure I\'ll ever have the energy that a 2 year old does...he\'s Ike the energizer bunny....he keeps going and going and going.

Hopefully the rest of my Monday and week will continue to just be fabulous. I only have about 9.5 more working weeks then 10 days of clearing and then we are out of here in 72 days! I\'m extremely excited to be getting out if Korea and having a clean slate someplace new and only being about 8 hours away from home. June is literally just right around the corner I\'m gonna be a busy busy momma these next upcoming weeks.

Well I hope everyone else has a great Monday and an awesome week!

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