Monday, August 2, 2010


Sorry about how messy my page trying to find the perfect layout and its taking sometime. lol It's not easy being that I am so picky about what I like.

But anyways it has been a few weeks since I wrote. Not a lot has happened since I am still to nervous about venturing off in a foreign country just Kason and I but we have done a few things. Like this past weekend we met up with April and her husband and kiddos and ventured down to Osan...mostly just cause they have a Chili's on base and we have all been dying for a good american resturant. lol So to say the least that was delicious. Kason seemed to love having some good american mashed potatoes too...that seems to be one of his favorite foods.

Yesterday we went back to the palace that I talked about before and had our pictures taken again. I know I know this kid has so many pictures that we could make "Kason wallpaper" right now and to think he isnt even 9 months yet. haha But the photoshoot was so much fun the palace was of course beautiful and the weather was great to. The picture up top was just one of the many that we had taken...she put a few up on her facebook fan page. But I am so excited for October to get here cause then we will be doing his one pictures out in the Royal Tombs most likely which is suppose to be another beautiful area.

Well thats all my exciting news for now. Maybe this weekend Kason and I will go out and do something. Not sure what quite yet...maybe some shopping in one of the many markets that surround us here.
Heres to hoping Kason (Rupert) and I can find something exciting to do this weekend.

I suppose I can maybe include Officer How How to.

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