Sunday, August 29, 2010

Horrifying Saturday

Yesterday (saturday) morning I got a phone call from my friend April, she needed me to watch her 3 kids because she had to go to the hospital (she is 9 months preg). Well when Kason and I got there I hadnt changed him or anything yet because I wanted to be there ASAP for April and I figured I could change him at her house which is right next door. Well I layed him on the floor for 2 seconds to get a diaper out of the diaper bag and then all of a sudden I hear Kason crying and gasping for air. He was choking on a Quarter. I freaked well more like froze. Everything I learned about situations like this went out the window...I was terrified and I called April (who was still home) and she got the coin out for me. She sent me upstairs in her apt builing to get her friend Tyra who was able to help calm down Kasons breathing because I was so freaked.

I felt like a horrible mother because I had forgotten everything I had learned to handle a situation like this. I kept thinking to myself what if I had been alone, would Kason still be here? Seeing my baby boys face turn purple is NOT something I ever want to see again and I spent all of last night thanking GOD for him still being here with me. Yesterday he was pretty crabby all day after but today you cant even tell that yesterday I was close to loosing him.

To say the least I triple check teh floor to make sure it is clear of anything chokeable.

Heres to having another day with my precious baby boy!

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