Sunday, July 18, 2010

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As I said before I am going to try and get better with this blogging thing. lol I want to keep you all updated on my day to day doings. I figure I will prolly use this blog to keep you all updated on Kasons milestones as well rather then doing a seperate blog. Being that Korea is not just a vacation nor a study abroad program it makes the most sense this way. Kason and I have made Korea our home for the next 3 years so this blog will talk about more than just our ventures in Korea.

Well if you payed attention to my facebook at all today you should have seen that I posted Kason hit a Major milestone. He pulled himself up all by himself. And needless to say I am an extremely proud mommy. I was starting to think Kason would hit most of his milestones much later than most babies...hell he still doesnt sit up by himself completely yet, but he is getting better at it. Well last week he did start day care and although thats not where I really want him for the simplicity of it all I will prolly just be keeping him there. I enjoy going to see him and play with him during my lunch and he hasnt had to much interaction with babies his age so I think it will end up being good for him socially. Everyone loves him and I love the smile he gives me at the end of the day when I pick him up. I love it when the daycare ladys tell me what an absolute joy he was and that he is the best baby there. I am really proud to say "that is my son". He brings more and more joy to my life and I cant imagine life without him. He is the best thing in my life.

This past week has been a refreshing week. I feel as if I am a new person. Since moving here a month ago I have been able to relax. Since I found out I was pregnant I have had nothing but stress. Starting with arguments with the parents, then coming down on orders for Korea days before Kason was born, me trying to figure out to stay in or get out, deciding to stay in and doing all the paperwork to make sure Kason comes with me, then came the actual PCS move, then all the traveling, and throughout that still arguing with my parents and basically being stalked by them. I never had a free moment to think...I never had some me time, not even me time with Kason. Something ALWAYS seemed to come up. Now that all the moving is done and Kason is here with me that is a huge burden off my chest. But the biggest one is that my parents have NO way of contacting me. I have finally had the opportunity to sit back and think about everything that has happened during the last year and a half. I have come to peace that although they are alive I do not realy have parents. And I am ok with letting go. They caused me more stress than hapiness. Everyday when I look in Kasons face I just cant understand how a parent can treat their child in the way I was treated. In a way I feel it was worse than if I had been physically abused. I was emotionally and mentally abused. I have grown so much since my high school days and I did that all on my own. But they tried their best to push me back to where I was and it failed because I am a better person than that. I now have my own family to take care of and although its just Kason and I we are a family and we love each other more than anyone could understand. My hearst doubles in size for him every single day. He is my number 1 priority.

This next week should be a good one. I mean work is not that bad...and I dont dread waking up every morning to go as I did at Fort Jackson. The  people I work with are pretty cool, dont get me wrong there are still many things that some people do that annoy me but I have no desire to kill them. lol I am able to just either ignore it or let it roll off my shoulder. Next Saturday Kason and I will be going to the palace to get our pictures taken. I am super excited to see how those turn out. The girl who is doing them takes wonderful pictures. Although she is no Jenn Demeter (if only I could tag her in a blog. lol). Then I am not sure what the rest of the weekend will hold. Maybe spending time with John!

So I know I have brough him up a few times so I guess I should tell you all a little bit about him. Yes he is my Boyfriend he is very sweet and treats me like his princess. I have never been with someone who treats me as well as he does. He is amazing with Kason...and Kason just loves having him around. I love seeing Kason with him because he isnt around to many guys who actually play with him or pay attention to him (well at work they do. lol). But when I see then together I feel like my world is one step closer to being complete. By no means am I saying that John is the one...I dont know yet and only time will tell. But I do hold some very strong feelings towards someone who I havent even known 2 months. It gives me some hope that my prince charming does really exsist. My heart really does feel all warm and fuzzy when we are together...and I am sure my sister is reading this thinking I am being cheezy as hell, but its true. I am so so happy that I made the choice to stay and come to Korea...I think aside from the birth of Kason this is the BEST thing that has ever happened to me.
Heres to hoping I found my prince charming.

Love and miss you all  

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