Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mommyhood, Soldierhood, and Studenthood.

Phew life right now is not easy and 2 years ago never in a million years would I expect my life to be like this. Dont get me wrong I currently love it and I know at the end of the day its completely worth it. I started going back to school 2 weeks ago. Taking classes with the University of Phoenix. I dont like the school but I have already taken several classes with them and they dont transfer so I am staying with them until I can get my associates. After that I hope to Switch to Liberty University or Heck maybe even U of I. Just not sure yet. I am a little bit less than half way through getting my associates Yippee! My plan is to have my bachlors before I leave Korea but no later than when I the Army which right now is Feb 2014. I want to be able to use my GI Bill for my masters. Or I might just have that transffered over to Kason. But we will conquer that bridge when we come to it. But how in the world am I handling Mommyhood, Soldierhood, and school??? I dont even know! Days are starting to become blurs. I dont now where they go anymore. I wake and get ready, get Kason ready, Take him to Daycare, go to work where sometimes I can get homework done, pick up Kason, go home, feed him, bathe him, cook dinner, play with him, put him to bed, if I have any homework to do I do that, go to bed, and then wake up the next morning to do it all over again. Its nonstop moving around! But regardless I of the craziness of LOVE my life...Kason makes my life worth living. As much as I hate school and I am annoyed with it I know that in the end its whats best for both of us. I want to be able to provide Kason a great life once I get out of the Army and school is the only way to go. Kason only deserves the best and I plan to give it to him.

The Official 9 month Picture!

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