Saturday, August 21, 2010

Owl Face

I am sure that Kason's Auntski will be super excited when she sees this background. I found this really neat blog on here that makes blog backgrounds. I have been wanting to make this blog look super cute so when I found this I decided to browse and see what they had to offer and of course as soon as I see the Owls I automatically think of Chrissy...and I know had she seen this she would demand I make this my background.

When Kason was younger he used to make the most addorable face. He would squeeze his lips together and stick them out. When his Auntski saw him do it she thought of an Owl. So we started calling it his "Owl Face". Unfortuantly he doesnt make that face anymore which does sadden her but that doesnt stop her from buying this kid Everything Owl. I think she is than one who is obbesssed with Owls even though she likes to say its him. :)

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