Monday, July 25, 2011

A Crazy Month

Yes that is what July has been...just plain old crazy! The month started off with me getting surgery...yes thats right I got surgery...wanna guess what for? Well I got a a Breast Reduction. Something I have wanted for a LONG time. By the time I was in middle school I was already wearing a C cup and by the time High School hit I was technically a D but I made them squeeze into a C. Then Kason was concieved and born and my saggy D's turned into saggy DD. Causing me LOTS of back pain, neck pain, nasty rashes and the list goes on and on. I decided that it was time to get this surgery was really affecting my physical fitness and I have been struggeling for over a year to pass a PT test. So I did it...the process of getting it approved was short but aggravating as is everything in the Army. I had my initial apt about back in April. Well anyways I am now happily a 36/38 B! I dont think I have ever seen my boobs this small. But life is already a lot easier. :) The surgery went was very long because I was well basically a "guinea pig" for the professor and his students! I didnt find this out till AFTER the fact (yea in america that could almost be a lawsuit...but not in korea) but im fine...the students were all residents...they are just going into the Plastic Surgery Field and they were all great with me. After the surgery tho I did struggle with a fever it kept coming and going and when it would come it was way up there. So I was in the hospital for exactly a week. It was extremely hard being away from Kason but he was with some good friends, which made the seperation a little easier.

This is just a few days after surgery

Well I came home from surgery and then had a 2 full weeks of con leave. I used that time to catch up on some stuff around the house and just enjoy life with Kason. Hung out with some friends, did some shopping, and went to a bunch of Dr's apts since they still want to see me once a week to watch the scars, it was good to be out of the uniform for even just a little while. :)

I came back to work this past Friday (the 22nd). Now I didnt mention this before but right before I left for my surgery I was actually moved to a different section. Im no longer fulfilling my chaplain assistant duties. Right now I am doing Admin type stuff and most likely will be doing this until I leave Korea. My job is simple...well not really. I am in housing I put soldiers in Barracks and make sure that there names are in the "system" which is kind of a mess right now. Our unit is currently in the process of taking over ALL of the barracks that are on Yongsan...and thats ALOT, so its kind of a headache. But im enjoying it, I for the most part stay busy so I cant makes the day go by faster.

In other news...Kason is still doing weekly Physical Therapy, well it did get put on hold during my surgery but he will start back up again tmwr actually. But he is really doing great...its amazing how fast he picks up on things. He is even learning a bit of Korean. He's a smart kid and I love him oodles. We took a trip to the Aquarium a few weeks ago and it was awesome...he LOVED the fish. We have had many aquarium trips but none like this...he was never very alert during the other trips.

Well I suppose this is all I have for now. Maybe the month hasnt been so crazy...but it still really feels like it. LOL

Oh and hey I cut my hair. You Like?! :)

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