Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursdays...

It's that day of the week again! Here is what im Thankful for. :)

  1. Have I mentioned how thankful I am for Kason? Seriously...this little kid really nows how to make me feel a million times better when I am feeling down. He is such a little miracle and IDK how I got so blessed to be his mommy. Out of ALL the other parents in the world God Choose to give ME Kason, how can I not be thankful for this.

    He took 20 whole steps all by himself this morning...yesterday he took about 15. He is doing more and more and I couldnt be prouder...thats what I am MOST thankful for this week. I dont have to worry about him anymore. :) 
  2. I am thankful that this week is ALMOST over...just have one more day to get thru. Then the weekend is all ours! 
  3. I am so incredibly thankful for my friend Jennel who watches Kason for me on Wednesday so that I can have a mommy break. It means so much to me. Even tho I love my boo-boo to death I know i need a break every once in a while. :) Yesterday I got in a nice little work out...      

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