Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesdays Delightful Squals of happiness.....

What has made me delighfully happy today that I just want to squal about...

~As I left day care after dropping Kason off all I heard where crys and the words "momma" said in
 between each breath. That was hard and of course is not what has me squeling for joy but what does    
 is when I arrived at day care  during lunch...Kason was there waiting for me with the biggest smile in the world while saying "momma" over and over again...but this time it was happy mommas!

~Coming back to work to find out Kasons Halloween Costume has finally made it here and is even cuter than
  I thought.

~Last week after spending 200 plus bucks on new clothes for him they have also arrived. All of which are
  Super cute to. He has like 10 new outfits and some jeans that will fit him. :)

~Also in the mail was a card from Josie...I miss her so much and appreciated it so much. Oh and BTW Josie(since I now you will read this) you can send cards and stuff like you would a regualar letter. I asked
  Shipping to APO is the same as mailing in the states.

~The weather is super nice 75 and breezy....makes the idea of a walk with Kason tonight sound great.

~Now I am just waiting for Kasons Super addorable Owl Hat to get here.  

What could make me happiness last longer this week....

~That it rains tmwr so I dont have to do a 6 mile ruck march.

~That the boxes of stuff my sister sent over a month ago get here soon.

~That this stupid cold I currently have goes away.

~That the weather we currently have right now stays the same.

~That Friday comes real real soon so I can have the weekend with my little man.

Oh man, I hope I keep feeling this great for the rest of the week! :) 

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