Monday, January 10, 2011

Project 365 and other updates

Well not much new has happened since the last time I blogged. Things have seemed to calm down just a bit. No more birthdays to plan and no more Christmas shopping to do. Finally able to get back to out normal day to day life which is a relief. The only bad thing that has happened is new years weekend both Kason and I were sick and miserable. Kasons been alright for about the last week or so but mommy is still trying to recover, thankfully work hasnt been to crazy. Other than that life has been good for the most part. The new year is here and its time for me to focus on mine and Kasons future. Which means I have to get my head straight with this army thing. I may not WANT to be in right now, but I am and it is whats BEST for us. But I dont want to stay in forever so I have to add getting my school stuff straight on to my list of things to do.

About a week ago I decided on facebook to start doing Project 365 which is a picture a day of your life for one year. Most people started it on new years but I started a few days later. I think I will share it with you all to. I dont know if I will get around to doing it everyday on here esspicially since I have a hard enough time remembering to get in on facebook. lol But if I miss a few days I will post just like I am going to now. So here we go.

001/365 1.4.11
I got my new mouse pad from shutterfly. I am so excited to have Kasons face EVERYWHERE on my desk. I also had ordered a calendar that came in the day before.

002/365  1.5.11
Not the best of pictures but Kason had to get his PPD shot for day care. They put a smile face on his arm. It was so sad that the second I put him on the table tho he started to cry. He knows the room where you get shots and the nurse who does it. :(

003/365 1.6.11
Kason absolutly LOVES his bath time. It stinks that his skin is to sensitive to do a bubble bath. But once every other week we do one. I just put EXTRA lotion on him after.

004/365 1.7.11
Chaplain brought in this HUGE iceickle and presented SGT Oh with it like it was an award. lol

005/365 1.8.11
We took a trip to Osan and got some Chilis. Kason got to drink from the big boy cup with a straw. :)

006/365 1.9.11
Kason is so attached to this blanket. I go thru hell trying to get it away from him long enough to wash it. We started bringing it to daycare with him about a month ago and his naps went from 30 min to an hour or more. He soothes himself to sleep with it. This blanket and sucking his finger just like he is in the picture...except the blanket is more in his face.

Ok well thats the first 6 days of project 365 today is day 7 and I dont have a picture to post just yet but will soon. Well I have to run lunch is almost over and I have yet to eat. lol I'll be back to catch you all up soon tho. 

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