Wednesday, December 22, 2010

13 months and counting....

Ok so I wrote my more depressing blog on Monday, so how about a much happier one?! One about my beautiful 13 month old baby. =]

Well as I said Kason is 13 months as of last week. Amazing how fast time has gone by and its crazy to think that this time last year I had a little 8 pound baby and now I have a HUGE 25 pound baby. Now for a while
I have been concerned because Kason seems to be a little bit behind in his develpoment and I think what really caused that concern  was that I know so many other babies his age or younger and they seem to be developing quicker, most of them walking and Kason still cant stand by himself. But I have recently started to chill out about it. I cant force him to develop at the rate of the "average" baby. But I have been enjoying having my baby just a little bit longer than others. Although it would be nice for him to figure out walking since he is so heavy. lol We have been working harder lately at walking, we practiced before but I did hold him and carry him a lot so I think that is part of the problem. Recently tho he has been pulling himself up to stand, climbing, walking along furniture and it happened so quick. So I think its only a matter of time before he starts walking all on his own. He has also suddenly shown show much more of his personality. He is such a goof and always making me laugh. Just the other morning he woke up calling "mama" I went in his room and there he was standing in there kind of jumping to (uh-oh) and he froze when he saw me, spread his arms out like he wanted a hug, and when I went to get him he gave me a big hug and licked all over my face. It was gross because he also had a cold and his snot was on me to, but it was cute and sweet to. It made my heart melt because I really felt how much he loved me. He always makes me feel loved but it's been a very long time since I felt that loved. :]

You see that cute little but in the pictures above?! Well we are in the transition process of doing 90% cloth diapering. The other 10% will be spent in disposables at daycare. We have 10 super cute designs from Just Simply Baby. The person who makes these diapers is a fellow November '09 mommy from one of my mommy websites. Her diapers are very reasonable $10-$11 a diaper (when the average is $18-$20 per diaper) she has some great discounts and giveaways to. I wish I found these a year ago...they are one size fits all and they are Pull-Ups to. I mean seriously, doesnt get any better than that! So I plan to cloth until Kason is using the "big boy" potty. Best part about the cloth...when he wakes up he is almost completely dry...and this kid pee's a lot in his sleep.

Well I'm not to sure what else I have to say right now. Other than we are very excited for christmas. There is one present that Kason keeps trying to open but I keep stopping him. hehe We were very blessed to get a couple of gifts from another military family for the Angel Tree program. Those are his "Santa" ones. My only big gripe is that I wish I had a place to put the tree. But once the tax refund hits the bank account the living room is getting a completely new makeover. So maybe next year I can find a place for one.

Well Merry Christmas Everyone and I hope you all have a great time bringing in 2011.

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