Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stick my Feet in a Pool of Flesh Eating Fish? Check.

That is Right I stuck my feet in a pool full of fish so they could eat them...well actually just the dead skin cells on them. Will I ever do that again? Nope, I sure as hell wont. lol

I went with my friend Jennell to this little cafe called "Rest with book and Coffee" and yes that was honestly the name of it. lol We took the subway there and for the first time since we have been in Korea this was a baby FREE trip. :) I love Kason but I needed a little mommy time with a girlfriend. Anyways we took the subway to another city called Gangnam it was surpringsly pretty easy to find. The cafe was amazing like a step-up from a starbucks. You cant really just run in and crab coffee and go. Well I got my Cafe Mocha which was delicous and Jennell got some juice along with the most amazing Honey Cinnamon bun ever made...words cant even describe how good it was and this picture really doesnt do it much justice.
Well after we enjoyed our coffee and pastrie we went and stuck our feet in the fish. It was very interesting to say the least...

Koreans explaining in English how to use the Fish. lol
Later that same night Jennell and I decided to do some midnight shopping out in Dongdameun...I think I spelled that right. Dongdameun is huge shopping market mostly all in doors. Stupid me didnt take any pics of it really, but I promise I will be going out again and there will be more pics. But anyways the entire shopping adventure ended up to be a search to find the PERFECT outfits for Kason and I to wear for our pictures on Sunday. Which we did and I am so excited to see how they turn out. For the first time we are really foing to be matching for the most part. While we were on the hunt tho I found the cutest section full of boys toddler pants I was in Heaven...and had Jennell not been with me I probably would have wasted so much money on getting kason pants...I will surely be going back there again.

The selection was sooo much bigger than this. There were aisles and aisles filled with pants.
These were the pants I got Kason. It was love at first site.  
Well thats all for next update will hopefully be filled with the super cute pics of Kason and I.

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