Saturday, October 23, 2010

Reflections on Pregnancy

18 week ultra sound. It's a BOY!!!

Gosh Im having such a hard time beliving that it is October 23rd and in 22 days my baby boy will be 1. What in the world?! I remember this time last year how anxious I was about him making his big debut. I was counting down the days to his due date which was November 13th.

40 Weeks Preg
Going to dr appt's every other week and every time hearing the dr say before the end of the month he will be here no doubt in my mind. So I counted down the days to the end of the month waiting, waiting, and waiting and still baby and my last apt in October which was October 28th if I remember correctly I was told I had not dialted yet. I was so dissapointed I was hoping for my prescious baby boy to be here early. But October quickly passed and November came the month I had so desperatly been waiting for since March 14th (the day I found out I was pregnant). 
With the end of October begining of November so many other miracles were born a girl I worked with had her baby on halloween, my sisters friend had her baby a few days before, my ex best friends sister had her's on the 3rd, and my friend who was due after me had hers on the 8th. When I heard that I was just aggravated...I remember yelling at my belly telling Kason "to come out I am soooo ready to hold you!" Well he didnt listen. My next apt was November 9th and I was only dialted to 2cm I was beyond annoyed at that point my mom and sister were going to be visiting in a week and I didnt want to be in the hospital during the 4 days they were with me. We had scheduled for an induction the next Wednesday just in case he didnt come out by then. But I refused to wait that long...the nurse at teh dr's office once mentioned to me getting my membranes scrapped. So I called on that Wednesday and begged to get an apt to get this done.
Our First moments together.
They gave me one on Friday...his due date. So Friday morning I went and had my membranes scrapped and OH MY GOSH that was the most painful thing I had ever to the whole child birth thing. lol But it was completely worth it, after some walking around that day with my friend Josie and a nice warm candle lit bubble bath contractions started coming in at 5 minutes a part. I was so thrilled. Josie took me to the hospital where they hooked me and saw I had the contractions but I was not dialating anymore and after an hour of them watching me they were about to send a very sad soon to be mommy home....but as I started to sit up I felt something gross gushing in between my legs and alas it was my BROKE!!!! I was NOT going home...I was officially in labor. Soon my baby would be with me. So 13 hours later at exactly 8:15am November 14th my baby boy was born. My heart, my soul, the one person that keeps me going every single day. I dont even know how to describe how I felt the moment he was first placed in my arms. I NEVER in a million years thought it was possible to love one single person so much. I didnt know I could fall in love so quickly either. But I only a matter of seconds I was in love my baby boy Kason Alexander. It's an experience that can never trully be explained and I think it's fair to say that you can only really understand once you have gone through it.  Pregnancy is just so magical and wonderful and something I cant wait to experience again. Even though I miss the belly at times and the little kicks he would give me I love having him in my arms or terroizing my house so much more. He trully is the best thing to happen in my life and I wouldnt change a thing.
My Miracle baby Kason Alexander

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